Wednesday, December 21, 2016

5am Runs

I thought I would break up our hiking recap posts (I still have a few more from last month) with a post about running at 5am.

I never thought I would become an early morning runner. Sure, Mike and I used to run in the morning before work on occasion and run in the mornings on the weekend, but rarely would we wake up in the 4 o'clock hour unless it was for a race.

The past year has been a struggle to get in our workouts. Even during Ironman Mont Tremblant training we would cancel or shorten our workouts due to time constraints, stress and just plain feeling "blah" about triathlon. In the fall, I had enough.

We like to take photos

I knew we had to change something, so I asked our friends Jenn and Gustavo if they wanted to run with us sometime. Jenn mentioned that running at 5am worked for her and so we said we would be willing to try going once that week.

As soon as we finished the run that morning, we made plans for a second run that week! (Even though during the run we had said that we could plan on one or two times a week depending on how we felt).

Run toward the lights!

Since that day back in October we have consistently met at 5am twice a week (with the exception of Thanksgiving week when we only ran once in the morning due to traveling) and we have even run on the weekend and at night a few times together.

More friends at 5am!

Our runs started out as "5 miles at 5am", but even on the first day we didn't follow that - we ended up running over 6 miles. So the name has changed to "5ish miles at 5am". Other friends have joined in on some of the runs, which makes it even more fun!

Our coldest run so far

So really, the point of this post is to thank Jenn and Gustavo for being willing to run with us so often and turning us into early morning runners!

From our "running into winter" run this morning

Here's to more "5ish miles at 5am" runs in the future!

All photos in this post are courtesy of Gustavo, except one that Mike took. 

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  1. It's great that you have created such a fun workout adventure! I know the "blah" feeling for sure, and it looks like you found a wonderful way to conquer it! Happy holidays to you guys :-)