Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Goal Recap and 2017 Goals

Even though I barely blog anymore, I still feel this obligation to review my goals for the year and set new ones for the next year.

Started 2016 off with a trip to Arizona with amazing friends!

2016 was a valley. It was an off year for us, and even though we did accomplish quite a bit, I felt lazy, slackerish, and hated running and triathlon for awhile. I was stressed because of other life events going on, and our triathlon life took a hit as a result. I don't even feel like I "raced" Ironman Mont Tremblant, I think I was just there as a participant and gave it a shot. Our training was lackluster and until recently I have felt sluggish, slow (I'm still slow, I don't think I have a 3:58 marathon in me ever again) and "blah".

 Finishing up Rev3 Cedar Point 70.3

Regardless, I did set goals and as usual I didn't accomplish them all. I didn't even really check in with my goals this year and just did my thing. Which, admittedly, my thing wasn't a whole lot. I have 747 (rounded up) running miles, the lowest I have ever logged since we started running in April 2011 (I started logging miles in 2012) and the first time I have had less than 1,000 miles since 2012. I swam 46 miles and biked 1,857 miles. Pretty low considering we did an Ironman and a 70.3. Thankfully, I didn't have any mileage goals this year (maybe I knew that 2016 was going to be a down year).

 Racing with Crystal in California

So what were the goals I set last December? And how did they go?

  • Finish Ironman #2 with a smile on my face. Check, it was tough but we finished Ironman Mont Tremblant in August.
  • PR the Half Ironman and Ironman distance. Big no. I almost PR'd the 70.3 distance at Rev3 Cedar Point, I was off by about 7 minutes, which is good considering it was a few weeks after IMMT. The Ironman distance PR was not happening and even with spectacular training it may not have happened due to a harder course and the pouring rain on the bike. Next time (2018).

During our Great Range Traverse
  • Complete the Great Range Traverse in the Adirondacks (approximately 25 miles, depending on the route). Check, mostly. Mike and I completed the Great Range Traverse in June. We ended up skipping the final two non-high peaks, but we did still hike about 25 miles that day in 19.5 hours.
  • Section hike more of the Appalachian Trail. Check! We hiked the AT in Maryland and Pennsylvania in November (I still have to blog about this trip). We got a 20 mile section and a shorter 2.5-3 mile section over the weekend.
  • Ride around two more of the Finger Lakes. Half completed, we rode around Cayuga Lake with two of our friends. 

With my family while in Savannah, Georgia

Racing Mini Mussel with Janell

Seneca7 fun
  • Race, train and go on adventures with family and friends as much as possible. Check! Lots of racing, training and adventures were had and we have had twice a week 5am run dates with our friends since the middle of October.
  • Be in the moment while with family and friends. Check!
  • Volunteer at a race at least twice. Half accomplished. We volunteered at the Rochester Triathlon in August.
  • Unplug more often (I am contemplating going cell phone and laptop free one night a week). I think we did alright with this, I would like to unplug even more.
  • Continue to declutter, organize and donate/get rid of items in our house (hopefully start the sell our house/buy a new house process as well). Check! We did move, so we had a lot of items to go through and a lot of things were donated, sold and thrown away that we no longer needed/used. We are still unpacking at the new house, but it is a process.
  • Plan something epic for 2017. We're going to Hawaii, most likely running a 30 miler with friends (currently on the waitlist) and I'm sure something else will come up!
Overall, not bad. I didn't set many goals for this past year and I accomplished most of the ones that I did set.

While on the AT in Maryland

For 2017, these are the goals that I have:

  • Course PR at Mini Mussel (current course PR is 1:33:22)
  • Finish a 100K with a smile on my face.
  • Ride around at least two more of the Finger Lakes.
  • See new lighthouses in Michigan. 
  • Reach the halfway point toward becoming an Adirondack 46er (we are currently at 17). 
  • Race, train, hike and adventure with friends and family as much as possible. 
  • Swim 50 miles, bike 2,000 miles and run 1,000 miles.
  • Volunteer at a race at least twice.
  • Go to FIT1 consistently. 
  • Decide on and register for Ironman #3 (for 2018). 
  • Section hike more of the Appalachian Trail. 
  • Hike in the Catskills.
  • Unpack, organize and set up the new house. 

That's it. Some speed goals, distance goals and adventure goals! I'm looking forward to all that 2017 has in store for us!

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