Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Rev3 Cedar Point Half Race Recap - Run Leg

Did you miss the swim and bike legs? Check them out, here and here.

Well, here's the final installment of our Cedar Point Half race recap, finally!

After coming into the transition area from the bike leg, my legs felt tight and heavy. I was a little bit worried but I tried not to worry about it too much. I knew I had plenty of time to finish the race and I was just going to try to enjoy myself as much as possible out there.

Before I left the transition area, I had a volunteer spray sunscreen on me (I'm glad I did, Mike didn't and he had a bit of a sunburn after the race!) I walked out of the transition area and then started running out of the parking lot of the amusement park. We had to run back through the way we came in from the swim and through another parking lot before getting on the road. I told myself to keep running as long as possible because I knew once I started to walk that I would be walking quite a bit.

I made it to past an aid station before I walked up a hill over the bridge. I ran down the hill and then kept going toward the rest of the course. The run course had changed this year and featured a lollipop course. We had to run the lollipop twice before heading back the way we came to the finish.

It was warm out, but it wasn't too bad. I was able to run quite a bit and just focused on getting to the aid stations. The first 4.5 miles were pretty nice and I was keeping up a decent pace. Right around 4.5 miles you start the lollipop portion of the course, so I turned right to keep going.

When I walked, this guy would pass me, but then when I would run I would pass him. We kept doing that for a long time and even ran with each other for a little bit later on in the race.

The lollipop portion takes you out near the water, which was a nice change of scenery. When we got to one portion we were told to keep going to the flag and then turn around. I thought the volunteer meant the American flag, but he meant the flag color coordinated to our race distance, which was much closer!

When I turned around to go back to continue on the loop of the lollipop, I saw Mike running toward me! He threw his arms up and was so happy to see me. He said, "I didn't think we would see each other!" We high-fived and kept going. I thought he might catch up to me, but he didn't. I could see him behind me for awhile, though (he was on his second loop of the lollipop, while I was on my first).

Running through the town of Sandusky wasn't bad, but there weren't too many spectators. There were some and they did cheer us on as we ran through downtown. As we made the turn toward the start of the lollipop again, I was happy that I was almost done with the first loop.

We had to grab bracelets after each lollipop loop to keep track and I took mine from the kid volunteer. I turned around to see if I could see Mike before we went our separate ways, but he wasn't close enough to me.

The second loop of the lollipop went by quicker than the first, since I knew what to expect. I always love thinking, "I don't have to do that part again!"

I ran with the guy that I kept passing when I ran for a little while and he said it was his first 70.3. He eventually got ahead of me since I walked a bit more on the way back, but he only finished a few minutes ahead of me.

At the end of the lollipop, I took my second bracelet and I was able to go to the right to finish the out and back portion toward the finish line. I had about 4.5 miles to go. While running this part of the race, I saw someone pass me with a Bike Zone tri top on. Bike Zone is a bike shop in Rochester, so I mentioned something to him about that. He said he used to live in Rochester, but didn't anymore. We chatted a little bit more before he got ahead of me.

Mike finishing up his race

As I made the final turn back toward the park, I was so happy. I was getting tired and just wanted to be done. I had actually thought I might have a chance to PR, but it wasn't meant to be.

I could see the amusement park rides for awhile, and I just kept moving to get closer to the finish line. As I ran through the final parking lot, I knew I was really close to the finish. I made the final turn toward the finish line and looked for Mike, but I didn't see him anywhere!

I ran closer to the finish line and then felt someone tap me on the shoulder, it was Mike! He had grabbed his stuff from the transition area after he finished and then just made it in time to see me start to run toward the finish line. Rev3 allows family and friends to cross the finish line with you, so he decided to catch up to me so we could cross together.

I love this photo!

I was so happy to be done, but also really proud of us and our finishing times. We were both only 6-7 minutes slower than our PRs, and considering we had just raced an Ironman 3 weeks prior and training didn't go as planned this year, I was happy!

Fun medal!

After eating and changing, we went on some roller coasters to finish out our race day!

Run Leg (13.1 Miles) - Jamie: 2:17:09, Mike: 2:19:42
Finishing Times - Jamie: 6:23:36, Mike: 5:58:19


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