Thursday, October 20, 2016

Maine Adventures

At the end of August, I decided that I wanted to go home to Maine. We hadn't been there since I ran my 50K last May, and I really wanted to go to try to see some fall foliage. We decided on Columbus Day weekend because I had the ability to take Columbus Day off as a vacation day since there were no classes in session that day where I work.

The plan was formed and then we just had to decide which mountains we wanted to hike with my mom and dad. We also decided to do a second round of trash the dress photos, since my mom is an amazing photographer! Originally, my dad was supposed to work nights but he switched his schedule with someone else, so he was able to join in all of the fun!

Our first stop, after getting there at midnight on Friday night, was to hike up the Beachcroft Trail to Champlain Mountain. We also wanted to check out Huguenot Head, which required a small amount of bushwhacking (really it was just going up the rock faces to the top, it wasn't bad at all).

The five of us on our way to Champlain 

Mike and Bernie on Champlain

First peak of the day!

Mike was proud of himself for making it up to Huguenot

After that, we stopped quickly for some lunch while watching the seals in the ocean. And then since it was still early we decided we weren't done hiking for the day. We went over to the trail for Day Mountain, and originally decided to go back down and then drive over to a different trail head to hike up to the Triad.

Bernie looks so cute here

Once at the top of Day, we realized that it wasn't too far to get to the Triad. We decided to just keep going and while it was steep, it wasn't too bad.

Beautiful foliage 

Mike and Bernie, on the fourth peak of the day

Relaxing with my guy

We took the carriage road back down to connect with the Day Mountain trail and didn't have very far to walk back to the car. We got about 7 miles for the day total!

Those are big dogs!

Sunday was our trash the dress session, and while it was rainy and a bit cold we had a lot of fun and my mom took a lot of great photos! Since we walked probably close to 2 miles, we decided to call that our hike for the day (and yes I did that all in my dress). Some of my favorites are below.

Mike and I decided to leave around 11am on Monday, so we had enough time for a short hike and some breakfast before heading out. We decided to do the Beehive, since Mike and I had never done it before. At first we were all going to go up the back of it, but we decided that Mike and I would go up the cliff trail and my mom and dad would take the Bern up the back to meet us at the top.

All of us together in the beginning

About to start the iron rung portion, eek!

Gorgeous views

The iron rungs and the cliff trail were really cool! We had never been able to do this hike before since we hike with Bernie a lot, and it was amazing to finally be able to do it. It didn't take too long to get to the top and we eventually heard my mom and dad who got there before us.


Mike making his way up one of the iron rung sections

I love this photo my mom took of us almost at the top

It was so windy at the top, but we made sure to get a lot of photos of the foliage.

Fifth peak for the weekend!

We almost blew away doing this 

Great weekend

Once back at the car we had about 1.3 miles for the day, and our short trip to Maine was pretty much over. I wish we could have stayed longer but I hope we get to go back next year!


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