Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Rev3 Cedar Point Half Race Recap - Swim Leg

Almost two weeks ago, Mike and I raced the Rev3 Cedar Point Half. We had transferred our entry for the Rev3 Quassy Half that took place in June to the Cedar Point race. Back in June, we were getting our old house ready to go on the market and I was leaving for California a few days later, so it was in our best interest to transfer to another race.

Cedar Point was the only one that fit our schedule, so we went with it.

Saturday we went to the amusement park for race check-in and got our stuff. It did start to rain a bit while we were there, but luckily it stopped for awhile. There was a mandatory meeting, and since we had never raced a Rev3 triathlon before we figured it would be in our best interest to go. Also, quite a bit of the race course had changed due to construction, and later weather, so we wanted all of the details.

We spent the time in between check-in and the meeting by checking out the Cedar Point lighthouse. We love lighthouses so it was a good way to spend our time. 

 Pretty, pretty

At the meeting we found out all of the details of the race. Actually, while we were putting our race numbers on our bikes because of the mandatory bike check, we found out that the swim course had changed and that the bike and gear (for full athletes) check in was now optional. We decided to just rack our bikes in the morning because of the weather.

Mike and I did go on two roller coasters after the meeting, but then one of the rides we wanted to go on was closed due to a mechanical issue and then it started to pour. We decided to head back to our hotel since we didn't want to be on our feet for too long. We also had to stop at Dick's Sporting Goods for Mike so that he could buy a cheap watch, he forgot his Garmin at home! After dinner and some frozen yogurt, we went back to the hotel to get ready for the next day.

 Personalized card, nice touch Rev3!

On the morning of the race, we didn't have to wake up very early at all. It felt weird waking up around 6am for a 70.3. Due to the full distance race, half athletes didn't start until 8:20am. When we got to the park, we were able to rack our bikes and set up our transition areas relatively easily. We checked our morning clothes bags since we didn't have any supporters with us and got our wetsuits on.

While waiting for the start of the swim, we were able to see the full athletes in the water. The swim course had changed due to the wind and we were now all swimming in the marina. The half athletes had to do one 1.2 mile loop, while the full athletes had to do two loops. Additionally, rather than having waves we were now going to have a time trial start with two swimmers starting every few seconds. Mike and I decided we would go together and tried to get as close to the front as possible. This was nice because if we had kept the wave start, I would have started 10 minutes after Mike!

After a moment of silence for 9/11 and the National Anthem, we didn't have too long until our start. We did see the lead swimmer for the full come out of the water (he did give his wetsuit to a spectator, which is against the rules).

Mike and I lined up, we were probably the fifth or sixth pair to get into the water. We kissed right before the start (to which the race director said, "I hope you know each other!") and shook the race director's hand, and then it was time to go!

We got into the water and after a few steps down the ramp, I started to swim. The water wasn't too bad and thankfully I didn't have to deal with lots of people! We swam out toward a 180 degree turn, and there were a few times when people got close to me but I wasn't having it. After the turn, I was worried about people coming from the other direction so I tried to make sure I was over to the right as far as possible.

One weird thing that happened to me during the swim was that I had an afterimage of either the sun, the yellow buoys or a combination of both. I couldn't really see out of my left eye because of this and I just hoped that I wasn't going to run into anyone!

After the 180 degree turn, we had a bit of a tailwind, but I knew that after making a left turn later on that the water was going to get a bit choppy. I was right. It was never the worst I have swum in, but it wasn't the best either.

After making the final turn, I just wanted to be done. I felt like the swim was taking forever (which it kind of was, my watch recorded 1.4 miles) and I was just ready for the next leg. The final red buoy felt like it wasn't getting any closer, but eventually I was approaching the swim exit.

I turned toward the exit and swam until my hands hit the ramp a few times. I stood up and then ran over toward the wetsuit strippers. They got my wetsuit off relatively quickly, and then the next part of the race began - the .5 mile run to the transition area.

Swim Leg (1.2 miles) - Jamie: 36:24, Mike: 32:35
Transition 1 - Jamie: 6:44, Mike: 6:01


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