Thursday, December 3, 2015

This Hiking Obsession

If you read my last two posts, you probably think we are a little bit obsessed with hiking. I guess we are, but this isn't a recent obsession.

Mike and I went for our first hike together the second year that he visited me in Maine during summer break. This was in 2006 and we spontaneously hiked up South and North Bubble Mountains because I wanted him to see "the bubble".

Don't worry, it's not going to fall off, yet!

Since then, we have tried to go hiking every time that we are in Maine. We haven't been able to go to Maine every summer and we didn't go hiking the year we ran the MDI Marathon, but we have knocked off quite a few mountains from our list! We've hiked a total of thirteen mountains and one peak (I'm not sure if the peak counts as a mountain or not) in Acadia National Park. We've yet to hike the highest mountain on the island, Cadillac Mountain, but we hope to do so soon!

 On top of the world, or just Pemetic Mountain

 On a hike with my parents, when we did not bring enough water!

My mom near the fire tower during a repeat hike up Beech Mountain

We also like to bring Bernie hiking with us! He did his first mountain hike when he was a little less than a year old (we only had to carry him down one steep section) and he has since hiked in five states: Maine, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts. 

 He looks so small!

Hiking in Allegany State Park
Our Christmas hike last year

Such a handsome boy on the Appalachian Trail

This past year, I got the idea in my head that I wanted to become an ADK 46er. In order to become a 46er, you have to hike all 46 of the High Peaks in the Adirondacks. We have only hiked four of the high peaks, but we are planning a few more adventures this coming year. Hopefully including the Great Range Traverse, which will help us get seven more high peaks, and a few other non-high peak mountains, over 26ish miles. 

One of my favorite family photos, on top of Cascade

The Adirondacks are magical!

I can't wait for more hiking adventures and seeing where else our feet take us.

Hiking in Sitka, Alaska

Bernie's first time at the bubble! A repeat hike for us.
 Such a goof, in Rhode Island

Sometimes our hikes are easier and include coffee!

Whether it's just the two of us, with Bernie, with family or friends, we love hiking!

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  1. I think Bernie has hiked in more states than a lot of humans--including me! ;)