Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thanksgiving Hike

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Mike, Bernie and I started our holiday weekend off with a hike along the Appalachian Trail in Massachusetts. Since we were driving to my grandmother's that day, we thought we would stop and get a hike in.

This time our hike took us to Lee, Massachusetts. Whenever we drive on the Mass Turnpike we always drive under the overpass that says, "Appalachian Trail", and this time we wanted to hike on those bridges. After some debate on whether we wanted to do a loop hike or an out and back, we decided on starting at the trailhead at Goose Pond Road and hiking to the Twin Bridges and back.

We left our house around 6:30am on Wednesday and drove about 4.5 hours to Lee, Massachusetts. Almost everyone else who got off of the exit for Lee turned right to go toward the outlet stores.

 Time for another adventure!

We got to the parking lot for the trailhead and it was empty. I still thought we might see someone out hiking since it was such a beautiful day and the start of the holiday weekend (we didn't see a soul out there). Even though it was in the upper 30s, it was sunny so that helped us warm up.

While this hike didn't have much elevation gain, especially compared to our hike just a few days prior, it was still fun.

 I love this photo of them!

 Me and my guy

 Family photo on the trail

Our hike took us through Cooper Brook, Higley Brook and we walked near Upper Goose Pond for awhile. I really enjoyed that part since it was in the sun and felt really warm!

Walking near Upper Goose Pond

 The Mohhekennuck Club ruins

We were on the lookout for the Mohhekennuck Club ruins, and at first we thought we might have missed them. Then there they were! The club's fireplace is all that is left, but it was still cool to see some of the history along the trail. 

 Cabin closed

 Time for another family photo!

Shortly after that, we came up to a sign indicating that the Appalachian Trail went to the right and that a .5 mile trail for a cabin went to the left. If we had enough time, we may have gone to just see the cabin since it is pretty cool (from photos I've seen online), but we didn't go this time. It was closed anyway, but I'm sure people still camp there in the winter.


We kept going along the trail and soon we came up to a trail register. Mike checked us in, and read some of the previous entries (I think the last person to check in was three days prior). We kept going, down a hill, and soon we could hear cars. As we got closer, they got louder!

The first of the Twin Bridges

 The trail continues under the bridge and to the right

Eventually, we could see the Mass Turnpike and the cars were really loud! We took some photos of the Twin Bridges and then got back into the woods (this part of the hike was really cold since it wasn't in the sun and it was really windy). I was happy to be back in the woods and away from civilization. I would much rather be in the silence of the woods!

The way back to the car was faster than on the way out. Granted we didn't stop for as many photos, but Bernie was MOVING! He was leading the way most of the time and he really picked up the pace.

Heading into the sunset

 We love the Appalachian Trail!

The sun started to set as we got closer to the car, and the light was really pretty in the woods. After about 4.5 hours hiking, we made it back to our car with another 8.5 mile hike under our belts.


I'm not sure if we will ever thru-hike the Appalachian Trail, but I would love to section hike the entire thing. After our last two hikes we have approximately 5.75 miles done and a lot more to go!

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  1. What a great Thanksgiving Day activity! No snow too! I'm still shocked it was a green Thanksgiving in CNY.