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SOS Triathlon - Swim/Run/Swim/Run

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After rounding the corner on the second run leg of the day, I came up on Lake Minnewaska. The volunteer told me to cross the timing mat, which started my second swim of the day.

Swim Leg 2 (.5 miles) - Jamie: 17:09, Mike: 15:33

This swim is "slower" for me because it includes putting my shoes in my shorts prior to my swim and taking them out of my shorts after my swim. The timing for each leg is all based on when you cross the timing mats, since there are no transitions.

The weather had cleared up, finally, and it was a beautiful blue sky day! I got my stuff on as quickly as I could, crossed the timing mat again (after making sure it wouldn't mess anything up) and got in the water. This time it was an easier water entry and we had a rope to follow the entire time with multiple buoys along the way.

Our sherpas waiting on the rock for us, photo courtesy of Peter J. Scott

I really enjoyed this swim. The views were gorgeous, the water temperature was great and I was able to pass a few more people. I really liked having the rope to follow, although I got pretty close to it sometimes!

 Mike exiting the water getting ready to start the third run of the day

After a few minutes, I could see the rocks that we were swimming toward for the swim exit. We swam by a small island in the lake and then after a few more strokes I was almost to the swim exit. There was a volunteer standing in the water and I swam as close to the edge as possible. There was a rock landing in the water and I was able to stand up on it.

Exiting the swim

I got out of the water and started to get ready for my run. I grabbed some water and an energy chew, and while I was doing so I heard our sherpas cheering me on! Kirsten yelled, "do it for the Bern!" (Meaning our dog, not the "burn" we were feeling in our legs at this point).

I crossed the timing mat and it was time to start the longest run of the day!

Run Leg 3 (8 miles) - Jamie: 1:23:09, Mike: 1:34:32

Not really sure what the face is about!

I ran up the rocks and saw our three sherpas, Mort and Danielle cheered me on as I ran by. Kirsten told me that Mike's quads were hurting but his ankle was alright. I knew that meant he was going to finish and I went on my way.

This run was the longest of the day. It was easy to break it up into chunks because there were aid stations approximately every two miles.

The first portion of this run was down a paved road, at this point in the race that hurt! I kept hoping we were going to get to the carriageway again, and eventually we did! We turned right to get back on the Awosting Falls Carriageway.

Running by the falls

 Happy to be back on the carriageway

I loved the first miles of this run. Almost immediately after getting back on the carriageway, we ran by the Awosting Falls. Due to the rain, it was roaring! I couldn't stop looking at it. I was able to pass a few other runners during this part of the run, thankfully one woman was close behind me at a fork in the trail. The sign for the race had fallen down and it was crumbled up on the ground! I kind of wavered and the woman behind me said, "to the right!"

I thanked her and kept going. We got to the first aid station soon after around 2 miles. I asked for Coke and water. There was also a dog there and I made sure to pet him!

I kept going back into the woods and enjoyed the scenery. There was a slightly wet bridge crossing, and I think I heard some cyclists yell, "are you alright?!" Someone behind me may have fallen, but I was too far away to be able to tell.

One woman and I were running near each other for a lot of this leg. We both approached the second aid station at Trapp's Bridge together. I just grabbed an energy chew and some water, and pet another dog before continuing on my way.

The last portion of this run was harder and I needed to take a few walk breaks here and there. There were rolling hills between the second and third aid stations, but the path was gorgeous. I was running alone for the majority of this part of the run.

When I got to the third aid station, I asked for Coke and water. There were two women in front of me and when I continued on there it was - Godzilla. This hill was tough! I hiked up it as quickly as I could, and ran a few steps here and there. It just seemed never ending. Even when you got to the top of the steepest part, it kept going up. I was able to run a bit more and passed a guy making his way up.

It finally flattened out a bit and I saw a man sitting in the middle of the path. He directed me to the left on a small single-track path through the woods. I ran along this and then ran down toward the lake. A woman helped direct me down the easiest part of the trail and I turned to the left to finish out the run.

As I got ready for the final swim in Mohonk Lake, a volunteer told me I was the 91st person to come through. Since there were waves, I didn't think that meant I would be the 91st person to finish though (ironically, I was 91st overall).

Swim Leg 3 (.5 miles) - Jamie: 13:34, Mike: 14:38

I walked into the water and knew that I didn't have much left of the race. Another woman and I got into the water at the same time, but I pulled ahead of her right away. There weren't many other people in the water at the same time as me, at least in front of me, so I only passed one more person.

This lake was just as picturesque as the second and I really enjoyed the third and final swim. It was over before I knew it, though!

I could see the swim exit in the distance, there were a lot of people spectating this part of the race, and after a few more strokes I got to the end of the swim. This portion of the race has a small climb out of the water, and I had to wait for another athlete in front of me before I could start to climb my way out.

Once at the top, I crossed the timing mat for the final leg of the race!

Run Leg 4 (.7 miles) - Jamie: 7:15, Mike: 8:00

I also don't think that this leg is what it is advertised at, my watch got closer to .5 miles so that's what I logged it as!

While swimming, I made the decision to not put my socks on for the final run leg of the day. Since it was so short, I figured I could tolerate it and not waste the time putting them back on. I ran by a volunteer who told me to turn to the right and make the climb up to the top of the mountain.

The Skytop Path to the top was no joke! I had to hike up the majority of it, but I was able to get in a few run steps here and there. There were other participants and spectators walking back down and they told me I was almost there.

 All done!

I kept climbing and then when I approached some stairs, I saw Kirsten! She cheered me on and when I got to the top of the stairs, I saw Greg. I started running to the finish line and then I was done! I was a Survivor!

I am a Survivor!

Finishing Times - Jamie: 6:09:12, Mike: 6:10:52

As soon as I crossed the finish line, I saw Mike and Danielle walking toward me. I was so glad that Mike had a finisher's medal around his neck! After taking some photos with our group, with a walk up the tower, we went to go get some food and make the drive back home.

 The Survivors from Rochester, photo courtesy of Beth

Survivors with our Sherpas, and a random girl we acquired, photo courtesy of Danielle

After we got home, I found out that I had won my age group! I didn't even see anyone in my age group all day, except at the start of our bike wave, so I assumed I had come in last in my age group. It was a nice surprise.

I know Mike wasn't 100% happy with his time, but I am so glad that he was able to finish the race considering his sprained ankle. I know we'll be back to SOS sometime soon!

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  1. Wow - this is a crazy event! So interesting to hear about this multi-stage triathlon, carrying your shoes with you on the swim!