Thursday, August 13, 2015

Alaska By the Numbers

We had so much fun this past week in Alaska! It was an amazing time and we did so much during our time there. Instead of recapping everything that we did, I figured I would do a "by the numbers" post to summarize our trip visiting Crystal and Joe.

Miles traveled: 6,204 miles

I liked having us sit by the wing for some reason

Hours spent in the Chicago Airport: too many (both of our flights leaving the Chicago airport were delayed, so in total we spent about 14 hours there).

We walked the entire airport during our first layover

Sunny days in Alaska: 4 (3 full days and two half days)

 Beautiful morning our first full day there

Amazing sunsets spent with my best friend: 1

After missing one beautiful sunset, we made sure to not miss it the next day!

Miles hiked: 21.17 miles

TL: Herring Cove, TR: Gavan Hill Trail, BR: Forest and Muskeg Trail, BL: Harbor Mountain
Beautiful views
Miles ran: 26.64 miles

Mike and I ran alone once, with the #RunSitka crew twice and during our race/Crystal's race, photos courtesy of Crystal

Times we went to the pool: 1

 Fun night with Crystal and Charmaine, photo courtesy of Crystal

Races: 1

Bears spotted (in the wild): 0 (hi-yah!)

 We did see this though, but the bear was spotted a few days earlier

Dogs walked: 2

Mike walking Sammy (the neighbors' dog) at Halibut Point

 We took Atlanta for a walk after the half marathon while Joe and Crystal napped

Lighthouses we saw: 1

Rockwell Lighthouse (not technically an official lighthouse by some sources, but the Coast Guard does use it so we'll count it)

Days we went to the shooting range: 2

 I think it is safe to say that werewolves don't want to mess with us!

Times I screamed after shooting a gun: 1 (I got better after that!)

Cute dogs spotted/petted: numerous! All the dogs!

Hiking buddy Yukon, photo courtesy of Crystal

Times we did laundry: 2

Times we went to Fortress of the Bear: 2

 Such a cute bear grin

Times we left an airport during a layover: 1 (Seattle)

 We had to walk to see the Space Needle!

Downtown Seattle, we need to go back for real someday!
Money spent to leave the airport: $12 (no fare enforcement officers ever checked if we had paid though)

Worth it!

Memories made: Hundreds!

Friends for life

I miss these mountains

I hope we have another opportunity to visit Alaska again, but if we don't I am thankful for this time spent in a beautiful place with our best friends.


  1. It was such a joy to have you here with us. I wish that it hadn't passed by so quickly though. I miss you both so much!! I cannot wait for our next adventure.

  2. Oh my goodness I love this post because I can tell you had the most amazing time.

  3. WOW. Seriously gorgeous pictures. So happy you had some quality friend and adventure time. :)

  4. Extra treats for Yukon!! Love the bear on a stump photo!! Thanx for sharing!! Cheers