Thursday, July 2, 2015

2015 Goals - Half Way

I can't believe that we are halfway through the year! This year is flying by, as usual, and I hope that I can make an even bigger dent in the goals that I set for 2015.

I have had a decent year so far, some goals will not happen and quite a few have already been accomplished. Let's see how I am doing so far!

This was a good day!

  • Finish a 50K with a smile on my face. Check! I finished the Pineland Farms 50K, and as the photo above shows I did it with a smile on my face.
  • Run the entire length (out and back) of the Seneca Trail at one time (approximately 27 miles). Not yet. I did attempt to do this one time and I made it 21 miles. I am going to try again in September.
  • PR at least one race distance. Check! Though, it is kind of cheating since my new running PRs are all in distances I have never raced before including an 18 miler, 25K and 50K.

    • Race and train with friends as much as possible. Check! I think this is going pretty well. Mike and I do train by ourselves a lot, but we have been running trails, swimming and going to races with friends. There will be even more of this happening the rest of the year.
    • Swim a total of 110 miles, bike a total of 3,500 miles and run a total of 1,300 miles. In progress. Currently I have 35.66 swim miles, 1,008.21 bike miles and 673.85 run miles. Unfortunately, I don't know if the swim and bike miles will happen but I am going to give it my all.
    • Race in two new states. Not yet. We are racing in Alaska in a month and we may not get the second new state this year.
    • Ride around two more of the Finger Lakes. Not yet. We are planning on riding around two of the Finger Lakes this week.
    • Complete a half Century ride a month. Fail. We didn't even ride our first half Century this year until a few weeks ago, oops!
    • Complete one Century ride, for fun. Not yet, but hoping to do this in a few weeks.
    • Log swimming, biking and running miles every month. So far so good.
    • Support Mike and friends at races I'm not participating in at least twice. Check! I supported Mike at the Fly by Night Duathlon and we went to support our friend, Greg, at an Olympic distance triathlon.
    • Place in my age group at least once. Check! I actually thought this was a long shot, but I just placed third in my age group at the HITS North Country 70.3.
    • Finish a 70.3 in under 7 hours. Check! I finished the HITS North Country 70.3 in 6:34:58.
    • Become a Survivor. In progress. We both got in to the SOS Triathlon so that is a step in the right direction (it sold out in 4 minutes)!
    • Decide on and register for Ironman #2 (for 2016). In progress. We are 99% sure we are going to do Ironman Mont Tremblant in 2016 and will register in August.
    • Set a course PR at Keuka Lake Intermediate triathlon. Check! I finished in 2:58:08.
    • Volunteer at a race at least once. Check! We volunteered at the inaugural Ontario Summit Trail half marathon and marathon with our friend Greg at an aid station.
    • Make strength workouts a regular part of our training routine. Semi-successful. We were doing well in the beginning of the year and then fell off track. We did go to a fit1 class and after our 70.3 race next weekend, we will start going more regularly.
    • Remain injury-free. So far so good.

    • See at least one new lighthouse. Check! We saw two new lighthouses in Maine - Doubling Point Lighthouse (in the photo) and Squirrel Point Lighthouse.
    • Go hiking in Alaska. Not yet, but hoping to in a month!
    • Hike at least one new mountain in Maine. Check! Technically, I already hiked this mountain but never with Mike. We hiked Flying Mountain while in Maine in May.
    • Hike at least two of the 46 peaks in the Adirondacks. Not yet, and unfortunately we can't go on a group trip we were planning on doing that would have had us hiking quite a few of the 46 peaks.
    • Do one thing, that's not planned for 2015 yet, that "scares" me. Check! I registered for the Stone Cat 50 miler lottery. Now, if I actually get picked that will definitely be something that "scares" me!
    • Organize and display our race bibs and medals. Not yet. Our bibs are organized and displayed but we really need to display our medals.
    • Get rid of, donate and/or sell at least 10 items in our house that we no longer use. In progress, we got rid of quite a few things and have more things we can get rid of in our house.
    • "Unplug" more often. We really need to do better at this, though we have improved somewhat.
    I would say that overall, I am doing pretty well. I am looking forward to the rest of the year!


    1. You're off to a solid start! That SOS Triathlon ... I'm seriously thinking about pulling the trigger within the next few years.

    2. I'm giggling because it's only been a few weeks and this already needs updating! HA! You absolutely CRUSHED some PR's, you did get into the 50 miler, and you are going to hike in the Adirondacks soon right? Gah! You are smashing through goals left and right.