Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My Kind of Crazy

This past weekend was so inspiring. Mike, our friend, Greg, and I volunteered at an inaugural trail half marathon and marathon in Ontario County Park on Saturday. We have never run out there (we are hoping to change that next weekend), but from Facebook posts and friends' descriptions of the course we knew it was a tough challenge. Add to that the brutal heat and humidity, I am in awe of what they all accomplished.

 With HBO, our friend who rocked the marathon!

Seeing so many of our friends achieve their goals further proved that I need to try to achieve a goal that I (loosely) set for myself this fall. Some time last year, a friend mentioned that she was thinking about doing a 50 miler this year - with two potential race options picked out. Being me, I said that I might be interested. Then 50K training didn't go as planned and I dropped the idea, or so I thought. 

During the dark miles of my 50K, I told Isaac that I didn't want to do a 50 miler anymore. I didn't want to suffer like I was suffering at that moment of my 50K. Then, with some water, Gatorade and watermelon in me (plus some lovely cloud cover), I changed my mind. I said, "don't count me out of a 50 miler". I hadn't even finished the race and I was already changing my mind.

 Crazy race faces are a given

I admit that my dreams are just a bit crazy. Most people don't even drive 50 miles in a day, let alone run 50 miles.

The people that Mike and I surround ourselves with are just my kind of crazy. They push me to dig deeper and to believe that I can achieve things that I never thought possible.

We have friends who are attempting 100 mile races, others who dream of swimming across all of the Finger Lakes in less than 24 hours, friends training for Ironman races and others who participate in multi-hour orienteering events. And those are just some of their dreams and accomplishments.

These people help me believe that anything is truly possible with hard work, determination and just the right amount of crazy.


  1. Amazing!! If anyone can do it I know you can!

  2. Replies
    1. It's a lottery registration, opens July 1st. We'll see if I get in!

  3. I love that you dream crazy big.

  4. you do have some crazy friends! :) 50 miles!!!!! wooohoooo!!!