Monday, June 22, 2015

70.3 Season

It's been a little while I guess! Since the Keuka Lake triathlon I have continued to enjoy my time off from work. This is my last full week off for a little while, the next time I am off of work for that long we will be going to Alaska and I can't wait!

Mike and I have ramped up our cycling mileage since my 50K back in May. It was tough training for a 50K and a 70.3 at the same time and I always feel like triathlon training takes a back seat to any other training. It has felt amazing to get some higher cycling mileage in and I am excited about some potential longer rides this summer, including a century ride just for fun!

 In the middle of a 52 mile ride a few weekends ago

Our toughest training day so far was just this past Saturday. For some reason, who really knows why I do the things I do, I wanted to do a 25 mile bike/5K run/25 mile bike/5K run brick. I figured it would be a good training day before the start of our 70.3 races, and also a nice way to get in some more cycling. Mike and I were able to accomplish the brick and other than the hot temps toward the end it went well!

We finished out the weekend by spectating and cheering on friends at the PAIN in the Alleganies triathlon. Our friend, Greg, did the Intermediate distance and CRUSHED it! I always think spectating a race the weekend before your next race is a good way to get pumped up!

 Beautiful location for a triathlon

Speaking of our next race, we have our second-ever 70.3 coming up this Saturday! It is crazy to think that we have only done one 70.3 throughout our entire triathlon career. We will make up for that fact over the next three weeks since we have the HITS North Country Half in Hague, New York this Saturday and then we are doing the DoubleMussel in Geneva, New York on July 11th and 12th. The DoubleMussel consists of doing the Sprint triathlon on Saturday and the 70.3 on Sunday.

My goal for either of the two 70.3s that we are doing is to get redemption and get my sub-7 hour 70.3! When we did Musselman the first time, my finishing time was 7:00:05. I was only 6 seconds away from a sub-7 hour finishing time!

I am a bit unsure whether or not I can make it happen this weekend, but I am going to give it my all. I think that I can have a swim time right around what I did at Musselman in 2013 or a little faster (my time was 32:18). The run is relatively flat with around 300 feet of elevation gain, so as long as I have something left in the tank I should have a faster split than back in 2013 (I ran a 2:39:08).My transition times should be a bit faster if not the same as Musselman.

The one determining factor on whether or not I get my sub-7 hour 70.3 will be the bike leg. While I did the bike leg at over 16mph for our Ironman, I have not been in the saddle as much this year. Also, the bike leg of this race scares me!


Check out those hills! There is over 3,000 feet of elevation gain over 56 miles. If we had been riding more and training out on hills more it wouldn't be as daunting, but we haven't. I hope that once I get the first 5 miles of the bike leg done that I can make up some time on the rolling hills and then push the downhill on the way back. My time for the bike at Musselman was 3:43:18, if I can survive the hills on Saturday I would love 3:30 or less!

In reality, I just need to make each leg (including transitions) about 1-1.5 seconds faster than at Musselman in 2013. The courses are different and our training has been different, though we are stronger than we were in 2013.

 Good times back in 2013

Either way, I am going to go out there and have fun racing my second-ever 70.3. I am excited to see Mike out there on the course, both the bike and the run legs are out and backs, and have some friends and family there supporting us!


  1. Those bike-run-bike-run bricks are brutal--but they do a really good job of preparing you for race day. Personally, I find them tougher than a single bike-run brick because you have to "re-settle" in to each discipline.

  2. Good luck to you both in your races coming up. Thanks to you I'm thinking of jumping back in to triathlons myself. Ironman has been on my mind. Maybe just maybe in a year or so. You inspire me. Thanks

  3. Yikes! Yes that bike course scares me too. All the best with your 70.3, I think that sub 7 will be yours!