Monday, April 20, 2015

Seneca7 Relay Race Recap - Part 1

Seneca7 - I love it.

There really isn't much more that I need to say about this race than that, but of course, I will!

This year, Mike and I ran with a completely new team. We put together a mixed team and we called ourselves, "Girls in Skirts, Guys in Shirts". Three of us had done the race before and four people were completely new to the race.

After some contemplation (and stressing over, I'll admit) our team pace, we ended up with a start time of 9am. Our team order this year was me, Jamie, Erin, Greg, Heather, Liz and Mike. I have a goal to run each runner position of the race, so it was my turn to go first!

 Wearing a skirt per the team name!

Greg, Jamie, Mike and I carpooled in the van to Geneva. We met up with Erin, Liz and Heather shortly after 8am. We saw some of our other friends who were starting at 8:30am and 9am, and everyone looked like they were ready for a day of running around Seneca Lake!

 Two thumbs up for Seneca7!

 Chatting with other runners before the start

Right before 9am, I went over to the start line to wait for the start of our wave. We had put 8:00 average pace for our team, so I knew that everyone in our wave was going to be fast. After chatting with some other runners, we were told that we had 90 seconds until the start.

Then, after what seemed like forever, we were off!

 Cheese face!

I took off really quickly, but I knew that I wasn't going to keep it up the entire 3.8 mile leg (and honestly, I was really worried about how I would perform at this race since I have lost some speed due to 50K training). The start of the race takes you out of downtown Geneva and immediately we were greeted with a small grassy hill. I made my way up it with the majority of the pack and then I told myself to let everyone go and settle into my own pace.

We ran along the sidewalk for awhile, before we ran down a hill and onto the road. This leg was described as "rolling" and there was a pretty decent climb during the third mile. I started to pass some of the people who started off too fast. The van drove by me at one point and cheered me on as they continued down the road.

My pace slowed a little during the third mile and I told myself to just hold on until the exchange point (my splits were 7:59, 7:55, 8:14 and 7:33 pace for the final .8 of a mile). There were still hills but they were smaller and they didn't slow me down too much.

Eventually, I could see a lot of bright colors in the distance. I figured it was the exchange point and it was - I could see it for almost a mile!

I got to the exchange, handed off the slap bracelet to Jamie and then made my way to the shuttle bus (vehicles aren't allowed to stop at the first exchange to try to help reduce congestion in the beginning of the race). The bus brought us all to the second exchange point and I found my team.

I ran the 3.8ish miles (my watch had a little less than that) in 29:30 at 7:57 pace! Not a bad start to our day.

Soon we saw Jamie come in and our team continued to make our way around the lake. We were making good time and were holding a consistent 7:50ish average team pace.

 Jamie and Erin's exchange

Erin and Greg's first legs

Heather and Liz's exchange

And then before I knew it, Mike was heading out for his first leg of the day. Since he was our 7th (and final) runner, that meant it was almost my turn again!

Mike making his way out on his first leg after his exchange with Liz

We got to Glenora Winery, where our exchange would take place, and I used a real bathroom (yay for being able to wash my hands) before heading over to the exchange.

And right before 12:30pm, I saw Mike making his way down the road toward us.

You'll just have to wait to find out what happens next!


  1. Wow. Amazing pace. I know you love this run.

  2. Awww, those Geneva shots are making me nostalgic! I need to get back and do this race again.