Friday, March 20, 2015

50K Training So Far

I officially started training for my 50K back on January 12th (really the 13th because Monday is always an off day) and I am currently on my 10th week of training for Pineland Farms. That means that I only have 9 weeks to go until race day!

As far as training is concerned, it has felt a lot more haphazard than normal. And, I don't like that. This winter was (and still is, even though it's technically spring now) a bit rough. There were so many times that I couldn't get the distance that I wanted and there were a few weeks when almost all of my runs were done on the indoor track. It is nice that I have that as an option, but it definitely does not match the conditions of my race.

 Luckily, most of this is gone now. So much snow this year!

Mike and I are also almost one month into training for the first of two 70.3s that we will be doing this summer. I feel guilty when I can't get in all of the swimming and cycling workouts that I have planned every week. I have felt pretty tired and defeated some weeks, and I often questioned whether I should even be trying to do this 50K or not.

Luckily, I am feeling a bit better with how my training is going. Last week, I was able to get all of my planned runs done and ran a little over 39 miles. I also swam once (missed one swim workout) and biked three times (but did less mileage). I had a total of 92ish miles for the week, a number I haven't seen in months.

While part of me knows that I am strong enough to finish anything that I put my mind to, I am looking forward to when I am training more consistently. This week, I took an extra unplanned off day because my legs were really sore from my long runs last weekend. Since I am injury-prone, I don't want to do anything that will jeopardize my entire racing season. I guess I am figuring out a balance.

 Didn't you know I'm the Flash?

Next weekend should be a good test on how I am doing. Mike and I (and our friend, Greg) have a race next Sunday. It is a 25K on trails, hopefully without snow on them, and I am going to use it to gauge how training is going.

Then the following week, I will be running the furthest I have ever run in my life - 27-28 miles (depending on exact distances). I'll be running the entire length (out and back) of the Seneca Trail. Luckily, friends and Mike will be joining me for part of the run so I won't be doing it all alone!

Overall, while I am not 100% pleased with how training is going, I know that I am capable of anything that I put my mind to and that I WILL have an amazing 50K victory lap in May.


  1. Training is tough, sometimes I wonder why I do it because at times it seems like just another thing to beat myself up over not doing well enough. But then I tear up when thinking about finishing races and I know its worth it. Enjoy your victory lap!

  2. It's been a tough winter! I know I haven't had anything close to an ideal training cycle. I figure in the end though, I'm still more fit than I would be if I just gave up (which occurred to me on the 500th snow day ;-)) I'm teying not to beat myself up because this is my hobby, and even though I take it seriously it is supposed to be fun. At least some of the time!

  3. This winter has been absolutely brutal as far as outdoor training goes. Kudos for sticking with it, being determined, and doing everything in your power to get it done!

  4. It has been a brutal winter up North. I don't think anyone up there has been able to stick to their training plans like they wanted.