Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Remember Me?

Hi there. Remember me? I used to blog on here regularly.

 In case you forgot what I look like, and my cheesiness.

I don't know what it is lately, but I don't have much to talk about. I think it still feels like I am not doing much, and compared to Ironman training, I'm not.

After the Philly Marathon, Mike and I took the entire week off from running. We did a short run when we got back to Rochester after Thanksgiving. Since we only have a 5K left for the year, we are in our off season right now.

The off season, for us, doesn't mean that we don't do anything. Granted, we typically reduce our running mileage but we increase our swimming and cycling mileage. This was easy to do after marathon training since our last swim was a late season open water swim the second to last day of September. Our last ride was a 23 miler a week before our last swim. Whoops.

 I miss open water swimming

This week, we made up for not swimming. We both swam twice (one time was separately). My yearly goal was a bit ambitious (I didn't count how many miles I had planned before making my goal) at 150 swimming miles. I am currently at just above 91 miles, so my goal now is to hit 100+ miles. I have a friendly competition going with someone (who is close to me in swim miles) to see who has the most by December 31st. I'm pretty sure he'll beat me, especially considering our pool will be closed for two weeks starting on December 22nd. I have some work to do to hit my new goal!

I also started riding on the trainer again this week. Mike needs some motivation to start riding again (maybe for 2015 he should set some mileage goals to help with this!) I was able to get 26 miles between two rides, not too bad. My MPH has been surprisingly good, for me, at around 16mph. I'll take it!

We also brought back two things we used to do a lot more often: trail running and strength training. We did two levels (one and two) of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I think that was a bit ambitious, since we did the levels back to back in one sitting, but it was good to get some strength and core work in.

 This photo is from last year, there was a lot more water on Saturday!

Saturday, we ran 10 miles on my favorite trail. Of course, I fell right at 10 miles. Who does that? Me, I guess. My ankles have felt a little bit sore, so we will be easing back in to regular trail running.

I'm looking forward to some more unstructured, but somewhat structured, training in the next month or so before the hard training starts back up again!


  1. sometimes I think a break from the blog world is the best recovery

  2. enjoy the break and you can hit the new swimming goal if not you can go to another pool in the Roc to hit it. enjoy your holidays

  3. It is ok to slow down and relax and then in 2015 you can post again when you have something you need to say...and sometimes it is good to take a break!

  4. Embrace the "off-season" and do what you want! It will be time to get after it again so soon.

  5. I have been embracing the off season for many months now! Continue to enjoy your time before the hard training starts up again. You already have a lot planned for 2015!

  6. Taking a blog "off season" sounds perfectly great to me! Enjoy the changeup in workouts while you can. Training will be here soon enough.