Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Goals - Recap

I can't believe that there are only a few more hours left of 2014! This year flew by!

2014 will be hard to top, but that doesn't mean we aren't going to try.

Before moving on to 2015, here is a look back at my 2014 goals. I am really proud that I accomplished a lot of what I set out to do!

 Just a taste of my running in 2014

  • Participate in at least two running relays. I half accomplished this, I had to DNS one relay because of my injury but I did race Seneca7 again for the third year in a row!
  • Race in two new states. Done! Raced in New Hampshire in February and Kentucky in August. 
  • Run my 4th marathon (not during our Ironman). Check! We completed the Philadelphia Marathon in November.
  • Run two trail races. Check! CJ's Resolution Challenge, Mess the Dress and Muddy Sneaker.
  • Continue to run trails as often as possible. We ran quite a few trails this year, we didn't run them as often when I was injured, during Ironman training and marathon training but we always managed to run some trails here and there. We just started back up again with some more trail mileage!
  • Run a 20 miler on trails. Didn't happen this year, but that's alright! The furthest I ran on trails was 16.13 miles and then with my injury and intense training it just didn't happen.
  • PR at least one race distance. I didn't think that I would this year, since we didn't race as often, but I did score a few decent PRs during the second half of the year! I PR'd at the Boilermaker 15K with a time of 1:21:25, at the Runner's World Half Marathon with a time of 1:47:41, at the Philadelphia Marathon with a time of 3:58:03 and at It's a Wonderful Run 5K with a time of 23:48.

2014 was an AMAZING triathlon year!

  • Finish an Ironman. CHECK!! If you missed them, here are my swim, bike and run recaps.
  • Finish an Ironman in under 15 hours. Check! My finishing time at Ironman Louisville was 13:20:28. That time blew my expectations out of the water!
  • Compete in a swim-only event. I'm happy to say, after not being sure that this would happen, that we did race in a swim-only event. We competed at the final year of Escape from the Judge (1 mile OWS) and we both placed first in our age groups.
  • Become faster on the bike, I'd like to hold at least 16mph during our Ironman. Yes, I do believe I became faster on the bike. I held 15.9mph during our 100 mile tri, which was an 84 mile bike leg. I held 16.16mph during our Ironman, which was almost 30 miles longer than the 100 mile tri bike leg!
  • Ride around at least two of the Finger Lakes. Check! We added three more lakes to our list - Canandaigua Lake, Seneca Lake and Keuka Lake.
  • Complete my first Century (100 mile ride), not during our Ironman. Check! Not including our Ironman, we completed two 100+ mile rides.
  • Become comfortable with general maintenance of my bike, actually learn how to change a tube! We went to a fix a flat clinic and I practiced changing a flat a few times. I still struggle to change a flat completely by myself and I really need to work on being self-sufficient before our next tri season.
  • Swim a total of 150 miles, bike a total of 2,500 miles and run a total of 1,250 miles. I did not accomplish most of my mileage goals this year, but I made a good effort! I ended the year with 96.5 swim miles, 3,150.32 cycling miles and 1,170.74 run miles. Due to injury, some low swimming months and miscalculations the swim and run mileage goals weren't accomplished this year. 
  • Train and race with friends as often as possible, we'll need them during Ironman training! Big check! We raced with so many friends this year! We met up with friends at races and ran side-by-side with friends. During Ironman and Philadelphia Marathon training, we had so many friends willing to swim, bike and run with us. When I look back at workouts from the year, I would say about 80% of the time we had at least one friend with us and considering the amount of miles we put in this year that says a lot. These people will never know how much it meant to us to have them there with us during training!

 Love our friends!

  • See Crystal (and Joe) every month until they move. I did not accomplish this, Crystal and Joe moved to Alaska in June and we saw them in January, February and May. I miss them everyday, but I am so excited for our trip to visit them in August!
  • Remain injury-free. Unfortunately, no. I was injured at the beginning of the year for a little while.
  • Volunteer at a race at least once. Check! We volunteered at the Beast of Burden 100 and 50 Milers in August. We manned one of the aid stations for a few hours in the afternoon. We also volunteered at the 100 Mile Tri in October and manned one of the run aid stations.
  • Organize our race medals and start scrapbooking our triathlon photos. No, I really need to get going on this! We also have a lot of race bibs that need to be organized now, as well.
  • Go cross country skiing with friends. Check! We went cross country skiing with our friends, Sarah and Mark, in February. 

Well, there you have it. That was my 2014! I didn't accomplish everything, but I came pretty close. 

Stay tuned for what I have in mind for 2015!


  1. Great job-you killed your goals! Cant wait to see what you accomplish in 2015!

  2. Woohoo for a great 2014! I'm going trail running tomorrow with some friends. Seems like a perfect way to kick off the new year!

  3. You had a killer year lady! So proud of you!

  4. You had an amazing year and it was so much fun to hang around here for the ride! Can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for you!