Monday, November 10, 2014

It's Almost the Off Season

This year is flying by! It seems like yesterday that we were training for our Ironman and now here we are less than two weeks away from the Philadelphia Marathon. I am so excited to put our training to the test and see what we are made of (by the way, I already know what we are made of: awesomeness)!

 How was this day almost 3 months ago?

After the marathon, we will start our "off" season. We don't actually take much time off during the year, but we only have one more race planned and it is a fun 5K that we do every December.

As much as I love marathon training, I am looking forward to a few things in the "off" season. First of all, we really cut back on swimming and cycling (read: we haven't swum or rode at all in the last month or so). As much as we know that swimming and cycling help keep us injury free, as soon as we start to ramp up our running mileage we always drop the other two sports. I think that this time around it has actually benefited us to take a break from them, but that doesn't mean I'm not ready to get back in the water and the saddle!

We are planning on doing a few group trainer rides in the winter. As much as I hate the treadmill (I won't use one), I don't mind the trainer as much. That said, when you can ride in a group it is always better!

That's another thing we will be adding again, group training sessions. We haven't really been running with friends lately since we have such specific goal paces for the Philly Marathon. After the race, we are hoping to swim, bike and run with our friends again.

This Saturday, we did run with an informal running group and it was a lot of fun! They meet on Saturdays and Sundays all year, so we will definitely be running with them more after the race. We also have a bunch of friends who run trails, and since I have my 50K in May we'll be joining them more often!

 The trails are calling! Especially this trail, the Seneca trail is my favorite!

One very important thing that we'll be getting back into during the winter months is strength training. Whether it be at the gym or a group fitness class, strength is a must! And, I'm hoping that we'll make it a habit and continue to do it during our peak training season. 

So as you can see, our "off" season isn't really any different than what we normally do!


  1. I CAN'T BELIEVE PHILLY IS TWO WEEKS AWAY!! It's always seemed so far off, but I have my last long run tomorrow before semi-tapering for the 23rd. Crazy!

  2. So excited to hear about how Philly goes, and then of course for you to become an ULTRA MARATHONER so soon! You are ridiculous girl!

  3. I definitely use the winter for more barre classes and strength training. I hate cold weather running, and can only stand so many miles on a treadmill.

    Good luck at Philly!

  4. Wow, this year has flown by. Seems your IronMan was just yesterday. Cannot wait for Philly.