Monday, August 11, 2014

Ironman Training Weeks 21-22

Thirteen days. In thirteen days, we'll be jumping into the Ohio River to start our 140.6 mile victory lap and I can't wait! This may even be the last training update until after the race since I probably won't have time to recap the next two weeks before August 24th.

Week 21

  Totals - Swim: 1.99 miles, Bike: 134.2 miles, Run: 25.21 miles

Monday - Off
Tuesday - 3,500 yard swim
Wednesday - 25.19 mile bike, 5.01 mile run (brick)
Thursday - 6.2 mile run (Twilight 10K)
Friday - 31.02 mile bike
Saturday - 14 mile run, 5.23 mile walk
Sunday - 77.99 mile bike

Oh boy, this week. For the most part it was good, even though Mike was coming off a cold that he got over the previous weekend and I was going through the full-blown thing. Nothing worse than a summer cold. It really didn't hit me until the run over the weekend, but more on that soon.

Even though I was sick, I didn't want to miss many or any workouts (we have only been swimming once a week instead of two to three times, but for us that's not detrimental to our training). We switched to just swimming on Tuesday to give us both some time to recover.

I still felt pretty lousy on Wednesday when we did our brick, but I sweat through it. We biked 25 miles and then our friend, Rob, met up with us for a 5 mile run on trails through Whiting Road Park. We hadn't run trails in awhile and it was a nice change of pace. I did ask the guys if it was humid out or if I was just sweating like crazy because I was sick, though!

 This lady did amazing!

Thursday we celebrated our four year wedding anniversary with a 10K race where we got married. I decided to not race it and instead paced our friend, Sarah, to a HUGE 10K PR! It was the right decision since I didn't tax myself too much and I felt, a bit, better on Friday. Mike got a new PR, even if it was only by a few seconds!


Friday we rode with our friend Greg and I felt pretty good. I could tell I still wasn't 100% though. I did hit my yearly biking mileage goal during this ride (2,500 miles) so that was pretty cool!

The weekend, at least Saturday, is when things went a little bit wrong. I was not feeling making any routes over the weekend (luckily, our friend Greg made our bike route for Sunday) but we decided we were going to run near our bike shop so Mike could drop his bike off after (he needed a new chain). Mike made a route that started on the canal path and then ran along another gravel trail to some roads and then back to the canal path to the car. I wrote down the route in the morning and we started out really well, if a bit too fast.

Our first 7 miles went like this: 9:22, 9:12, 9:20, 9:23, 9:23, 9:20, 9:22. Not too shabby, right? Well, then I started to feel the impact of my cold and the heat was starting to get to me. After we got off the canal path, I had to walk a little bit and our next two miles were like this: 10:06, 10:21. Not bad and the run would have been respectable if I could have kept it like that, but unfortunately, I mentally (and physically) let the negative thoughts and how I was feeling win. The end of the run turned out like this: 12:14, 11:16, 12:35, 11:05, 11:43. Considering I had been sick an average pace of 10:21 isn't terrible and if we had ended the run like that I would have been alright with it.

Unfortunately, I screwed up BIG TIME. When I wrote down the route in the morning, I wrote a left instead of a right at one of the turns. Since we aren't as familiar with the area and that road still hit the next road we were looking for from that direction, we didn't think anything of it (I had kind of thought that when the road changed names that something wasn't right, but I wasn't feeling well so we kept going). Mike said to me, about 13.1 miles into the run, "I don't see how this mapped out to 13.8 miles". Well that's because I messed up! We ended up having to walk 5.23 miles back to the car. We didn't have a cell phone with us and neither of us was thinking right and didn't flag anyone down to drive us back to our car.

That was the WORST mistake ever. We both ran out of water and by the time we got back I was feeling even worse. Luckily, after re-hydrating and relaxing I don't think that this negatively impacted us too much.

 Said new chain

Our ride on Sunday went well and we rode with Greg again. Even though it was raining, we had a fun time getting almost 80 miles in with him.

So, this week was mostly good, some bad and some really, really, really bad!

Week 22

 Totals - Swim: 1.29 miles, Bike: 108.79 miles, Run: 23 miles

Monday - Off
Tuesday - 1.29 mile OWS
Wednesday - 5 mile run
Thursday - 20.23 mile bike
Friday - 25.87 mile bike, 4 mile run (brick)
Saturday - 12 mile run
Sunday - 62.69 mile bike, 2 mile run (brick)

This week went well! We had to rearrange our schedule a lot this week because I brought my bike in for a new chain, new tires, a behind the seat bottle cage install and a race day check (Mike's is currently back at the shop for a new tire and a race day check, we need to buy stock in Towpath Bike).

We did an OWS on Tuesday to test out possible race day outfits for the swim. Ironman Louisville will not be wetsuit legal and while you CAN wear wetsuits if the water temperature is between 78 degrees and 84 degrees you can't be eligible for awards (and they usually make you go last). Since we are good swimmers we don't need wetsuits. I tested out swimming in tri shorts and a sports bra and it did not go well. Too much drag. We both decided to buy speeds suits, Mike's has arrived (and he swam in it this morning) and I am still waiting on mine, hopefully it comes soon!

The rest of the week was full of faster than normal runs (a lot of which were progression runs). Our run on Wednesday was FAST! We didn't plan to do a progression run but it ended up being: 8:24, 8:09, 8:05, 7:55, 7:49.

 Bernie and I matched before our workout

Mike's birthday was on Thursday and we were going to do our brick, but because Mike got a flat (that took a bit to fix) and we were meeting people for dinner 15 minutes after we got back to the car, we had to postpone it to Friday. The ride and run for our brick ended up being fast, I averaged 16.9mph for the almost 26 bike miles and then we ran another progression run (8:14, 8:12, 8:05, 7:45). Like I said on my personal Facebook page, this isn't really the time for a running growth spurt, but I'll take it!

 No more double digit runs left!

Saturday went MUCH better than last weekend. Mike and I ran a route out near Braddock Bay, which is pretty flat but since our Ironman has less than 300 feet of elevation gain on the run that's fine. We averaged around 9:09 pace for the 12 miles. We had planned on swimming after, but since we were volunteering at the Beast of Burden 50 and 100 Mile Ultra race we wanted to give ourselves enough time to get ready. We volunteered with our friend, Rob, and we manned one of the aid stations from 2-6pm. It was a lot of fun! We love to volunteer and volunteering before our goal races always helps us to feel inspired, and ready to race!

 Puppies!! As seen on our ride

Sunday we rode a little over 62 miles and ran 2 miles with our friend Greg. The ride was really nice, some rolling hills, a few bigger climbs in the middle and more downhill/rolling hills to finish out the ride. The three of us ran on multi-track at Black Creek Park after the ride.

We were going to swim, but when we got to Braddock Bay there were WAY too many boats! Mike did get in to try his speed suit out. I was disappointed we didn't get to swim a second time this past week, but Mike and I made up for it by getting in an open water swim at 6am today!

Not much longer now and we get to put all this training to the test!


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