Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ironwoman Wednesday - Strength Training

Ironwoman Wednesday is a weekly linkup on a variety of triathlon-related topics (that will be announced the week before). It is similar to Tri Talk Tuesday that a few other bloggers started, but the more people talking about triathlon the better!

Gabi at Lean Green Island Girl, Michelle at Ironwoman Strong and I are all training for Ironman Louisville. It is really exciting (and encouraging) to be sharing this journey with these two amazing women!

Today's topic is strength training!

Now, I'm not going to even try to pretend that I strength train regularly. Last night, Gabi, Michelle and I were Facebook messaging about today's blog topic and Michelle asked, "how do you have time for strength training?" To which I laughed and said that I don't, unless you count sign language interpreting. And Michelle also mentioned lifting a fork to her mouth to eat, and I said I do that kind of strength training too.

 See you need muscles to lift that plate of delicious garlic knots!

I know that there are benefits of strength training, for example, reducing the risk of injuries, improving balance, flexibility and strengthening your fast and slow-twitch muscles (both of which are important for triathletes), and not to mention you look like a badass. Mike and I do strength train during the winter, although this past winter we didn't go to the gym as often as we normally do, and I did have my 30-day ab challenge where I held an over 7:30 plank.

I wish we continued strength training during peak triathlon and marathon training, but the reality is that when we are both working 40 hours a week and training 12-15 hours a week something has to go. And unfortunately for us that is strength training.

And I know that I COULD fit it in if I really wanted to and somewhere deep down I do want to strength train. I used to when I was a swimmer and I could see and feel the benefits, which is why I try to get us into a routine in the winter so that we will continue it in the spring, summer and fall months. But so far, it hasn't stuck (which I realize is just an excuse). So for those of you who think that I do it all, I also have my weaknesses and things that I just don't do. 

So unfortunately, I can't provide you with the best strength training exercises for triathletes because I honestly don't do them. However, websites like Active and USA Triathlon can help you find workouts that might work for you (and me).

I think I already know a goal for 2015: strength train at least 30 minutes a week for the entire year. And maybe, just maybe, I'll try to start incorporating it now. It really is never too late!

Next week's topic is all about mental game and mental challenges!


  1. Like you said, I see and feel a big difference when I stop strength training. I'm pretty consistent until mileage really ramps up, and then like you said, its the first thing to go. Maybe this cycle I'll put forward an effort to keep at it to the end, sacrificing three miles or so a week if necessary. That sounds reasonable, right?!

    1. It does! That's why I try to get into it in the winter so that we aren't sore when we start back up... but alas. Maybe I just need to do a few workouts at home for 20 minutes a week... that's better than nothing!

  2. With your schedule, I don't blame you for cutting out the strength training! And a 7:30 plank??? That's AMAZING!

  3. Yep, the strength training was the first to go for me too. Hey, something's gotta give. I'm trying to make it a priority during this next build for Nationals ... although my arms are still sore from Monday's upper-body circuit, ugh.

  4. This week's topic was tough! I am with you...I KNOW that I really need to do strength training but finding the time is difficult. I don't want to give up a 30 swim, bike or run to lift weights. I need to get into the mentality that it isn't wasted time but time where I am growing stronger! OH...and Dear Lord those garlic knots! *love*