Friday, June 27, 2014

What's Going on Lately

I feel like I don't post anything other than bi-weekly Ironman training updates and Ironwoman Wednesday posts, which granted shares a lot of what is going on in my life but it isn't EVERYTHING that I'm doing.

My tan lines might say otherwise

There are those times when I feel like posting about a serious topic, but then I decide not to because what's the point in bringing up the negativity that sometimes goes on in my life? Other times I will post about it because it helps me and maybe helps someone else. I did write a guest post for the lovely Nikki who recently got married and is on her honeymoon right now, and talked about some of the "lessons" that we have learned during Ironman training. Even though I love it, Ironman training isn't always pretty. (Check out the post, here, if you haven't already).

I am back at work, as a 10-month employee I need to work twenty-one eight hour days (or the equivalent hours) in the summer. After this week, I will have four more 4-day work weeks left and I won't go back to work until after our Ironman! It is nice to have a schedule that allows me some downtime before our race, I just wish Mike had the same luxury!

I am loving the fact that it is truly officially summer now, but I am also very sad that I can't go home to Maine this summer. We had to make the hard, but realistic, decision that a trip to Maine wasn't in the cards this year. I am sad because I haven't been home since October, and just for the MDI Marathon, and before that the last time was the previous Christmas.

 The last time we were in Maine in the summer, August 2012

I'd love to get some open water swimming, runs, rides and hiking done on Mount Desert Island and near my hometown, but they will have to wait until next year. I haven't seen my parents since Christmas, which isn't normal, but thankfully they are making the trip to our Ironman. 

 Photo from last week's 80 mile ride

Our training is ramping up, this weekend we have an 18 mile run and a 90 mile ride and then the following weekend we have a 20 mile run and 100 mile ride. It is a little daunting, but I know we can do it!

We aren't just training this summer, we are trying to do fun things too. I particularly enjoy ice cream, all day every day. Kidding. Sort of. We are also going to a minor league baseball game and a concert later in the summer, and hopefully some other spontaneous things here and there.  We'll also celebrate our four year wedding anniversary at the end of July, with a 6 mile run of course.

So I guess that's what's going on with me lately, basically more of the same but I really wouldn't have it any other way!


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    1. They're Nike, I have a red/orange pair too!

  2. Training really does consume most of our lives, huh? I haven't been home since Christmas, so I cannot wait to head back next week. (And I wish we could meet up--next time!)

  3. Wow, those tan lines scream awesomeness!!!
    Love it:)

  4. I'm finally getting to catch up on your blog. YAY!! Perhaps I shouldn't have started at the most recent? Hmm.... Anyways, your fitness posts have kept me motivated (and maybe a little depressed that I will NEVER be that fit) during my travels. I am so proud of you guys. I love you. Keep busting ass.

  5. Your work schedule in the summer is pretty amazing. Enjoy the rest of your 4-day work weeks and your time off! How's Bernie doing? I'm sure he's enjoying the extra time with you this summer.

    1. Bernie loves it when I am home! I like that I can spoil him a bit more in the summer :)