Monday, June 2, 2014


Uncertainty. That's one thing I love about triathlon and running.

Most people probably think that's a little weird, why would I like uncertainty? Wouldn't I rather be certain that things will happen? I guess I like the mystery in life, sure sometimes I am disappointed that things don't work out the way I want them to but then I try even harder to make it happen next time.

Further, faster, both at the same time. More swim/bike/run. I want it all, and sometimes I can't have it all but I'm trying my damnedest to make sure that I get most of what I want.

This Saturday, we are racing our first triathlon of the season. Our first triathlon since the Rochester Sprint Triathlon last August (damn Western New York and its polar vortex tundra) and am I ready? I hope so, but you just never know.

 I like my cheesy smile, thank you

I've put in countless hours (alright, fine, I count them) of training, thousands of miles so far in these past 12 weeks of Ironman training (approximately 1,500 miles) and for the most part I have felt strong.

On Saturday at 7:30am I hope to swim 1 mile, bike 84 miles and run 15 miles in order to finish a race that I found years ago, and finally get to race.

There's always that uncertainty, though. Will the water be too cold or rough for the swim, turning the 1 mile swim into a 1 mile trail run? Should I have biked further than the race distance (80.11 miles is my current PDR)? Should we have done more long distance bike/run bricks?

While this is a training race (to gauge where we are at in terms of Ironman-preparedness), I am not going to go easy. I have a goal of finishing under 8.5 hours, which would be faster (pace-wise) than my 70.3 finishing time. Like I said, I feel stronger physically (50 miles on a bike feels, almost, like nothing now) and mentally (I don't complain, that much, on long runs anymore).

 Rob, me and Mike after a 12 mile trail run (well, Rob ran more)

Luckily, I get to have these two with me on race day. Knowing Mike is out there on the course kicking ass always makes me work harder and having my best friend there to cheer me on will give me a boost when I am feeling tired, sore or just plain not feeling like moving anymore.

But I will. I will keep moving until I cross that finish line. That's one thing I am certain about.


  1. I'm learning to try not to control everything! It's a work in progress for me because I don't like the unknown but yoga has been helping me a lot with the letting go and accepting different outcomes issue I've been having. Good luck on your triathlon!

  2. YAY!!! good luck! I really enjoy (most times :P) seeing your training on fb...unless I'm wishing I could run and not ;) haha! but this is so great. I love you and Mike and that you are always pushing each other <3

  3. I hop you guys have a great race and you know I will be cheering from here!! :)

  4. I love how supportive you are with your husband and your friends. Best racing friends ever! So awesome to have so many like minded friends :)

  5. Hope you have a great race! The uncertainty is definitely part of the allure of triathlons. At 84 you are basically ready for LV bc I heard after that it's all downhill!

  6. Have a great race! How awesome 50 miles on the bike seems like "nothing". Wow!

    1. Haha even funnier is that when I got to 50 miles on Sunday, I told myself "only 30 more" ;)

  7. I hope you have a strong race.

  8. I love your attitude! It's not only healthy but it's contagious!! You are going to be amazing this weekend 😃. And I also love your super cheesy smile!

  9. I can't wait to see how you guys do this weekend! And that's one reason I love training and racing with a team--you'll see a bunch of your best friends on the course. :)