Monday, June 30, 2014

Ironman Training Weeks 15-16

Officially two months, TWO, away from our Ironman! Just eight short weeks and we'll be jumping into the Ohio River. I really can't wait. Our friend, Beth, just crushed Ironman Coeur d'Alene yesterday and that makes me even more excited for our race!

Week 15

Totals - Swim: 3.79 miles, Bike: 121.09 miles, Run: 26.31 miles

Monday - Off
Tuesday - 15.03 mile bike, 5.31 mile run (brick)
Wednesday - 4,000 yard swim
Thursday - 5 mile run
Friday - 25.95 mile bike
Saturday - 16 mile run
Sunday - 80.11 mile bike, 1.52 mile OWS

As is the case now, I don't even really remember what happened this week. Luckily, I have RunningAhead and DailyMile to remind me! Apparently, I felt "good".

We started the week off with a HOT brick. The temps have been increasing here in Western New York and the run was sweltering. Luckily, it started to rain at the end of the run.

 Before our 25ish mile ride on Friday

During the week we had some good training runs and rides. Tried to just take it easy for the most part since I knew that we had a pretty big weekend of training. 

Our weekend training consisted of a 16 mile run on Saturday, an 80 mile ride and 1.5 mile open water swim on Sunday. We had our friends, Rob and Greg, with us for the run. Yes, the same Rob that had just run a 50K the weekend before and it was Greg's furthest run ever! We ran roads out to Spencerport and then took the canal path back. Overall the run went well, but I started to get tired toward the end and my pace crept up to about 10:30 average the last four miles. Rob was kind and stayed with me and even though I slowed down, I never walked! I ended up averaging 9:41 pace overall.

 The group paying our respects at one of the memorials on the course

On Sunday, Mike and I met up with a HUGE group of people to ride the Musselman 70.3 bike course and some extra for 80 miles. We didn't stay with the big group for long, since we had more to do, but our friend, Greg, stayed with us the entire time. It was pretty hot and the last 20 or so miles were tough for me but we got it done and I average around 15.7mph.

Right after the three of us (us and Greg) drove to Kershaw Park in Canandaigua to get in an OWS. Mike and I swam 1.5 miles and it felt great!

Overall, not a bad week!

Week 16

Totals - Swim: 2.47 miles, Bike: 141.42 miles, Run: 29 miles 

Monday - Off
Tuesday - 6 mile run
Wednesday - 20.36 mile bike
Thursday - 5 mile run, 2,200 yard swim
Friday - 30.67 mile bike
Saturday - 18 mile run
Sunday - 90.39 mile bike, 1.22 mile OWS

This week had some good parts and then some bad parts. Overall, I am happy with how this week went but I need to figure out how to train in the heat better. And I need to order a fuel belt, as soon as possible!

It is still ridiculously hot here. I think that since I, rarely, complain about the cold that I can complain about the heat. I don't do well in it, and I am now somewhat questioning my sanity for picking Ironman Louisville. But, I will adapt and overcome like I do with everything else.

 I know you're jealous of my sexy look

Our Tuesday run was HOT! So hot that it required the use of short shorts. I don't like wearing them that often because the legs ride up, and that makes them even shorter. And my sweet tri tan is even more visible when I wear them. Even with the heat I managed to average 8:54 pace for the 6 miles. 

Since it is so hot, we have had some thunderstorms and rain this week. Mike and I ended up moving around our open water swim and just biked on Tuesday. Wednesday we ran and hit the pool (but cut the swim a few yards short).

As usual, our Friday ride went really well. I love ending the week with a medium-length ride!

This week was our biggest training week so far. The weekend was no exception. We started out with an 18 mile run on Saturday and then a 90 mile ride and 1.2 mile OWS on Sunday. Our friend, Blake, met up with us to run part of our run on Saturday. We decided that we were going to run around Conesus Lake and while we were with Blake things were going well (around 9:30 average pace for 7 miles). Then as soon as he left us, things went downhill. I had to slow down a bit because of the heat and we were still averaging around 10:00 minute pace, but then I started to walk.

And then things got really UGLY. Mike stayed with me until about mile 11-12 and then I told him to go. He was worried about leaving me, I had been saying I was dizzy already and I was running out of water, but I didn't want to ruin his training run (he did great and did a little extra for 18.25 miles at about 10:20 pace). I started to walk, a lot, up the hills, in the heat (no clouds at all) and even had to bend over to stretch a few times.

I was dizzy whenever I would stop to walk, hence the bending over to stretch so much, and I was worried I wouldn't make it. But, I did. Then this old man told me a joke about an owl and a cat, I don't remember the joke but the punch line is that the owl didn't give a hoot (I am not making this up). I am really disappointed in myself at how slow the final miles got and how much walking there was. I averaged 11:24 for the 18 miles and even though I didn't stop, I felt like I had.

 Before our ride

Sunday's workouts went a bit better, but the ride was still a struggle at times because of the heat. Mike and I met up with a friend that we had met while we were in Mike's hometown a few weeks ago for a ride around Keuka Lake and over to Seneca Lake for 90 miles.

Right away the ride started out interestingly. Dave, our friend, (who is training for Ironman Lake Placid) got a flat before we even started which caused us to start later than we had planned. Once we got rolling the first 17 miles were uneventful and rolling hills. Then, when we were stopped for Dave to go to the bathroom, all of a sudden Mike and I heard my front tire go flat! So we had to deal with that for a bit. Then we got going again.

 3,625 feet of elevation gain and those hills were brutal!

The middle 1/3 of the ride was good, except for some unrelenting hills and heat. This was the toughest part of the ride but then we were greeted with a scary downhill. And another flat. Dave got a second flat and we had to deal with that. Once at the bottom we realized we couldn't go the way we wanted and had to detour (because of a gravel road) where we were greeted with another HUGE hill.

Luckily, we got to go down some sweet downhills where I hit 25.8mph for one mile! We planned to go to Dave's cottage where he was staying to refill our water, etc. And right before we were going back out, Dave got ANOTHER flat while refilling his tire with air!

 Some photos from during the ride

Finally, we got the final 1/3 of the ride done and had some hills, heat and wind. Overall, it didn't go how any of us planned but we got in our longest ride to date (90+ miles) and I averaged 14.7mph (not including all the stops).

 Before getting in the water

After we jumped in Keuka Lake for an OWS and got 1.2 miles done. Again, I really think these post-long ride swims are helpful and shake my legs out so I'm not too sore after riding.

Overall, this was a week of working on mental toughness and hopefully that will benefit us once race day arrives!


  1. Just two months out?! How exciting!! Your training is going so well- I'm excited for you both!

  2. I can't believe you're at the two month mark! Sorry about the flat tire and the hot run that made you dizzy. Overall it sounds like it was a great two weeks of training though!

  3. Two months! That's incredible. Good luck with the rest of your training

  4. Sounds like your training is going GREAT! Good luck!

  5. Great job!! Have you checked your iron levels? When you were talking about having issues with the run portion I was thinking about that. I had some issues a few years back & it's really common in women when they are training hard. Keep up the good work!!

    1. I should look into that, especially since I don't eat red meat!

  6. Wow. You are getting so close.
    Great job pushing through this crazy heat.

  7. Maybe consider taking an iron supplement, Jamie. I started taking one years ago when I read that being anemic can cause some issues with running. I am only very slightly anemic, but have taken an iron supplement every other day for years!

  8. Ugh, the humidity has been absolutely brutal. It feels like I've been slogging through my runs. You're getting it done, though--keep it up!