Monday, June 16, 2014

Ironman Training Weeks 13-14

We are only 10 weeks away from Ironman Louisville! I'm really not sure how we got so close to being single digit weeks away from the race, but we are. The next 4-6 weeks are going to be even more intense as we ramp up mileage during the week and on the weekends. We will do our first century ride in the coming weeks, and I am both excited and scared!

Week 13

 Totals - Swim: 2.56 miles, Bike: 124.29 miles, Run: 22 miles

Monday - Off
Tuesday - 25.33 mile bike
Wednesday - 4 mile run
Thursday - 2,250 yard swim, 14.96 mile bike
Friday - 3 mile run
Saturday - 1.28 mile swim, 84 mile bike, 15 mile run (100 Mile Tri)
Sunday - Off

This week was a bit of a taper week since we had our first triathlon of the season, the 100 Mile Tri on Lake Erie! Unfortunately, Mike was having some issues with some side pain and a little bit of stomach issues so he had to take an extra rest day, but he still did great at the race!

The only semi-long workout we had during the week was a 25ish mile bike with our friend Greg. It was SUPER windy that day but luckily Mike factored in the wind direction while making our route so we didn't suffer too much.

 Finishing the 100 Mile Tri

Obviously, our race was our biggest workout of the week. We did race but it was also a way for us to gauge where we are in terms of Ironman training. I'd say we are doing pretty well!

 Ice cream. Body marking. Tri tan.

Sunday was an off day because of our triathlon the day before, but we woke up early to go to the Keuka Lake Triathlon to cheer on our friend Greg at his first triathlon! He did great and I am really excited for him to race Musselman 70.3 in a few weeks!

Week 14

Totals - Swim: 3.22 miles, Bike: 98.72 miles, Run: 20.13 miles

Monday - 25.35 mile bike
Tuesday - 1 mile OWS, 4 mile run
Wednesday - 3,900 yard swim
Thursday - 6.13 mile run
Friday - Off
Saturday - 10 mile run
Sunday -73.37 mile bike

This week turned out to be somewhat more of a recovery than we thought we were going to have, but for the most part we got in all of our workouts.

The week was rearranged a bit to accommodate going to see our friend, Rob, race his first 50K! He came to support us at our 100 Mile Tri, so of course we had to return the favor. And I wouldn't miss my best friend running his longest race to date!

Mike looking good in his new victor's jersey!

Monday was supposed to be another off day, since it is our usual off day, but we moved a 25 mile ride to that day. We took it relatively easy because of just racing 100 miles two days before but still averaged close to 16.5mph.

Then, the rest of the week was a bit rough. Our stomachs were bothering us, most likely recovering from the race but maybe not, and running was almost impossible. Not to be all TMI on you but there were some close calls to the bathroom a few times! We did get in a 1 mile open water swim and for me the 4 mile run went alright, except for stomach issues at the end of the run. Mike's stomach was bothering him more than mine was, but he got through it.

Thursday, oh Thursday, was a "fail". Since Rob's race was on a Saturday and we had 13 miles to run that day, we moved our long run to Thursday so we only had 6 miles to run while he was racing. We had a route and everything, but our stomachs still had other plans. We got about 3-3.5 miles in and knew we had to turn around and go home. We still got in our planned 6 for the day so it wasn't a total loss but it wasn't what we wanted to do.

We took an off day on Friday for traveling and to give ourselves some more time to recover (which meant we lost one swim and one 15 mile ride this week).

 With Sarah before the Vegan Power 50K

Saturday was all about supporting Rob (and Sarah who we ran into right after I mouthed "do I know anyone here" jokingly)! Mike wasn't sure about his stomach, but after the start of the race (which was a 6-loop course), we headed out for anywhere between 6-13 miles. We ended up getting in 10 hilly miles (over 1,000 feet of elevation gain) and only missed one of Rob's loops. The rest of the day we were on our feet cheering for all the runners.

 The ultramarathoner after his race!

Yesterday, we got in a 73.37 mile ride with Mike's mom's friend's husband and a few of his friends. He had shared the route with us beforehand so we knew it was going to be hilly! We climbed two Category 3 hills with a total of 3,980 feet of elevation gain at 14.8mph average. Considering we just raced 100 miles a week ago, I'll take it!

 Elevation profile

All in all, with the exception of our stomachs, it was a good week.

Here's to even more miles in the coming weeks!


  1. Sounds like you guys are really doing well. And boy those tri tans look painful.

  2. Wow. That sun burn does not look good. And I know you added more sunscreen. YIKES. Amazing couple of weeks. Seriously. I hope you figure out your stomach issues so that you can keep the training strong!

  3. You guys are doing so great with your training!