Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ironman Training Weeks 11-12

Whoops, I should have written this yesterday! Oh well. We are now less than halfway (HALFWAY!!) to our Ironman. This week we have our first triathlon of the season, the 100 Mile Triathlon on Lake Erie.

Week 11

Totals - Swim: 3.4 miles, Bike: 132.33 miles, Run: 25.1 miles

Monday - Off
Tuesday - 7 mile run, 2,100 yard swim
Wednesday - 25.02 mile bike
Thursday - 5 mile run, 2,300 yard swim
Friday - .9 mile open water swim, 31.54 mile bike
Saturday - 13.1 mile run
Sunday - 75.77 mile bike

This week feels like it was so long ago. I already posted about the weekend full of swim/bike/run/cheer, so maybe that's why I had a hard time remembering what we did.

 Bike gang, we missed the yellow memo

The week started out normal enough, with a 7 mile run at 8:32 pace (though, my legs did feel a little bit sore during the run) and a 2,100 yard swim. On Wednesday, we re-did a bike route that Mike made that we tried to do a few weeks ago (but got cut short because of cold/rain and we went the wrong way).

Thursday rolled around and I felt tired. Even though I ran our 5 mile run at 8:39 pace, I felt like I was chasing the entire time. And I literally was, I was chasing Mike. Our swim that night also felt labored, and I knew that it was probably because of all the mileage I had been putting in.

 Before Beth's self-supported 70.3, see that water? It was cold!

With our friend, Greg, during our 75 mile ride

Then the weekend came. I mentioned in my post that I had a moment of panic that we weren't going to be able to fit in all of our workouts and spectating/supporting, but we did. Memorial Day weekend was a big weekend for us, we got in 107.31 miles on the bike and ran a sub-2 half marathon (during a training run). We also got in our first open water swim of the year (it was COLD), and still managed to support all of our friends during their training/races.

And of course I have watermelon bike socks!

Week 12

Totals - Swim: 3.2 miles, Bike: 130.61 miles, Run: 22.02 miles

Monday - "Off" (walked in various places for an hour and a half)
Tuesday - 3,400 yard swim
Wednesday - 29.19 mile bike, 5 mile run (brick)
Thursday - 5 mile run (Mike raced Corporate Challenge)
Friday - 21.31 mile bike
Saturday - 12.02 mile trail run, 1.27 mile open water swim
Sunday - 80.11 mile bike

I'm still having a hard time believing that we are halfway done with Ironman training. It really feels like it was just March a few weeks ago.

 I also did this - donated about 8.5 inches of my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths

This week went really well! We switched our Tuesday and Wednesday workouts because our pool was going to be closed on Wednesday and Thursday. We did one last brick workout before our race and our friend Greg joined us for the entire thing and Rob joined us for the run. I really am an endurance athlete because after riding almost 30 miles, I ran the 5 miles faster than I would if I was just doing a solo run (8:17 pace). I tried to slow down since Mike was racing the Corporate Challenge the next day, but my legs didn't feel like it.

 Ready to run!

Thursday I did our planned 5 mile run, used it as a recovery run - my legs needed it, and Mike raced the 3.5 mile Corporate Challenge.

Friday we just did a short 21ish mile ride (we were supposed to swim too but we both needed new goggles and were planning an open water swim for the next day). The rest of the weekend went really well. I always get nervous for long runs and rides, because you never know what could happen.

 After our trail run!

On Saturday, we met up with Rob for some trail running. He had already run 6 miles and we all ran 12 miles together (and then Rob went on to run 4 more miles, he killed it out there!) We ran on the Seneca Trail, which I love because it isn't too challenging but still has some challenging sections. We did a 6 mile out and back, and even though we were out there for longer than we would have been if we ran roads it didn't feel like it.

After Mike and I went to get in one more open water swim (and to test out our new 910xt watches in the water) at Kershaw Park. The water temperature was probably a few degrees warmer than when we did the open water swim at our friend's self-supported 70.3 and the sun was out so that helped. The water was a bit choppy but we still got in about 1.3 miles of OWS.

 Seneca Lake in the morning, the headwind was bad the first half

We ended the weekend with a new bike PDR of just over 80 miles! We have a goal to ride around each of the Finger Lakes and we crossed Seneca Lake off of our list. We went clockwise around the lake starting in Geneva and followed, for the most part, the Seneca7 Relay race course (in the opposite direction). We also followed (in the opposite direction) part of the Musselman bike course through Sampson State Park.

 At Hector Falls, almost 40 miles into the ride

This ride was tough, with almost 2,900 feet of elevation gain and four really big hills. The hill we had to climb as we were getting out of Watkins Glen (that I ran down during Seneca7) was extremely hard! This was also when I started to get hot during the ride and I just focused on getting to the "top".

Overall, I was able to hold a 15.3mph average. I'm starting to think that this is going to be my Ironman bike pace (since that course is pretty difficult as well).

So, there you have it. Halfway done with training, and this week we get to put all of that training to the test at the 100 mile tri!


  1. You have me so excited to get outside on my bike! I've been biking on the trainer but my 70.3 training plan is about to begin and I am now getting pumped up for riding! That's awesome you are solidly midway through your training.

  2. WOOHOO! Isn't it funny how running off the bike feels ... almost easier? You're already loose and warmed up, so it's easier to start pushing. :)

  3. Your hair is ADORABLE. I can't wait to chop mine off after the wedding. I am so excited for you to continue training!! It's getting so real now! Can't wait for you to kick major booty this weekend :) Way a great way to prepare for the big day!