Thursday, May 8, 2014

It's Already Happening

We are in the middle of Week 9 of Ironman training, with 14.5 weeks left to go and it happened already.

I had my first Ironman nightmare.

I don't remember if I had any nightmares leading up to a marathon or Musselman 70.3, but I have had nightmares about swimming. I had the typical, I missed the meet dream, which causes you to wake up in a panic and almost burst out of bed but then you realize that you haven't missed it and that it is a few hours away. I have had the, dive in the water and can't move after that dream, which I think is the worst. You are just frozen there in the water and even though you know you are supposed to be racing, you can't move.

 Exiting the water at Musselman 70.3

My first Ironman nightmare started out with the swim portion of the race. Even though I KNOW that there will be no sharks during the race, there were sharks in my dream. That actually didn't bother me much because in my dream I knew that they weren't going to attack me.

What did bother me is that the swim took me an hour and twenty minutes, which in the grand scheme of things is a spectacular time for a 2.4 mile swim. However, I have made it pretty well known that I want my swim portion of the Ironman to be as close to an hour as possible.

The worst part of the dream was Transition 1. I couldn't get out of it. It was similar to the frozen in the water swimming dream. My dad kept coming over to me to try to get me out of there faster (which I know can't happen during the Ironman, but he will be there cheering me on), which made me go slower.

 Leaving Transition 1 at the Rochester Triathlon

It felt like I was in there for an hour. I kept forgetting my shoes, my gloves (which I doubt I will be using during the race), my nutrition, everything. As soon as I would go to leave, I would remember something else that I needed out there for the 112 mile ride.

I know that during the actual race that my transition is not going to be a "quick" one. I will try to get out there as fast as possible, but since this is my first Ironman I am going to make sure I have everything I need with me.

The final part of the dream included, finally, running out of Transition 1. Before I could get on my bike, I had to run over a grassy field and I didn't have my bike touching the timing mat when I crossed it. This caused the volunteers to scream at me to come back.

That was it.

I know that there will be more nightmares, more panicking that I am not prepared enough, but I hope that on race day I can give it my all and make everyone proud. Most of all, make myself proud.


  1. You will make me proud! You've already made me proud just by taking on this race. You're incredibly determined, and I have no doubt you'll do amazing!

  2. I had SO MANY open water nightmares the week leading up to my race! I think if anything it just shows that the race is on your mind which,'s like 75% of your life right now! But I have no doubts that you are going to kick ass!

    1. Thanks Ari! I can't wait to hear about your race!

  3. I've had nightmares about basketball and running--can't shoot, can't make a lay-up, can't pump my arms, can't move my legs, you name it. This proves you're emotionally invested in the race, which is a good thing!

  4. Just found your blog. I've been wanting to do a tri and I think the nightmares are what stopped me from doing one last year. Thanks for your post because now I know.. I'm not the only one who worries.. and has nightmares about things going Oh so wrong!

  5. So sorry about the nightmares. I have them when I am marathon training.

  6. Oj ma, is that what I can expect in the near future, while training? Eeek.

    BTW - I nominated you for a Liebster award. You can read about it here: