Monday, May 5, 2014

Ironman Training Weeks 7-8

Two months down, a little less than four months to go!


Totals - Swim: 2.61 miles, Bike: 61.77 miles , Run: 23.11 miles

Monday - Off
Tuesday - 15.29 mile bike, 2,200 yard swim
Wednesday - 5 mile run
Thursday - 2.41 mile run, 15.71 mile bike, 1.51 mile run (RBR brick)
Friday - 30.77 mile bike, 2,400 yard swim
Saturday - 2 mile run
Sunday - 12.19 mile run during Seneca7 Relay

Even though I have the "alright" emoticon for this week of training on DailyMile, this week went really well! We got all of our workouts in and even got an extra 2 mile shakeout run done before our relay on Sunday.

 This is what happens when you forget to change to bike mode, no I don't run that fast!

We did combine our two shorter swims (and added 50 yards, ha) so that we would have time to go to packet pickup for Seneca7 on Saturday.

Other than Seneca7 (which you can read about, here, here and here), the most notable workouts for this week were our RBR brick with our triathlon group, the RATs, and our 30ish mile ride on Friday.

 Before the RBR workout

The RBR brick went really well, and we even did one more loop of the bike route than most of the other people that were there. I was the only girl, so at first I was running sub-8 minute miles with the guys and I knew that I had to slow down a bit. Overall, I was really happy with how this workout went and it is always a good time training with the RATs!

Our 30.77 mile ride on Friday was super fast, for me, and we had a great time riding with our friend, Gregory again. We pushed the pace and I clocked 17.14 mph average for the entire ride.

The only complaint about this week was the 5 mile run on Wednesday. We ran on a hojack trail (an old abandoned rail line) and it hurt. It did not feel great and it was really windy. Luckily, that was the only sub-par workout for me the entire week.


Totals - Swim: 2.27 miles, Bike: 108.06 miles, Run: 22.87 miles

Monday - Off
Tuesday - 5 mile run, 4,000 yard swim
Wednesday - 33.62 mile bike
Thursday - 17.84 mile bike
Friday - 5 mile run
Saturday - 12.87 mile run
Sunday - 56.6 mile bike

For the most part, I would like to forget about Week 8 of Ironman training. Even though we logged a bunch of miles, I am less than pleased about how this week went.

When I checked ahead for this week, I panicked. I had FOUR rides scheduled, a brick after a long ride on Sunday and we were traveling for Crystal and Janell's marathon.

I knew that it all couldn't be done. I tried to rearranged things as best as I could, and for a moment it looked like we might be successful. Then, the weather and bad luck had other ideas.

We had to cut one ride short, because Mike got a flat and while he changed the tube successfully, he messed up when he used the CO2 cartridge. We cut another ride completely because of the weather and traveling. We didn't get two swim workouts in and we dropped our 3 mile brick run after yesterday's ride. The times that we did ride, we had to deal with rain, wind and even more wind.

 With our friend, Greg, at about halfway during our ride yesterday

There were some good parts to the week, we got in a 4,000 yard swim, for the most part our runs were solid (and we got to run with Crystal during her third marathon), we rode around Canandaigua Lake, our third of the Finger Lakes, and we got to see Crystal and Joe one last time before they leave for Alaska.

With Crystal, after her marathon

But if I'm being completely honest, the thought of saying "see you later" to our friends made me an emotional wreck all week. Add the stress of training, weather getting in the way and feeling guilty for dropping workouts, I am glad to see this week go.

Hopefully, the next few weeks are better!


  1. Way to hunker down and get it done! You know how the training weeks ebb and flow; sometimes, you feel *great,* but then you have to face those tough spurts. The weather has been somewhat tough here too; the weather gods need to throw us triathletes a bone! Ha!

  2. I am sure saying goodbye affected your week. Hope you are feeling a bit better soon. Can you two Skype?

  3. Great training these last 2 weeks. I am just starting mine now. I feel so small next to you. LOL!

  4. Awesome job on all of your training! That 17+ average is great! Congrats. And though you sound disappointed in your second week here, the numbers look fantastic. Sorry you missed some stuff. I know always feel a little down about the week when I miss more than I'd like too. You're doing great! Keep it up!

  5. I love following your training! And I am always mighty impressed that you can get those workouts in even with working. Your pictures are awesome!

  6. I just found your blog and saw you are training for IM Louisville! My husband and I are too! We just finished week 9 and I'm right there with you with dropping/modifying workouts. It feels crappy, but I'm learning you can't always do 100% of the plan and that's okay! Keep it up and see you in August!

    1. Awesome! I can't wait for the race, though I hope that the rest of the weeks go better!

  7. Just found your blog, you are awesome!!! I can't wait to read more about your training!

  8. There are always going to be weeks that get funky because you still have to live your life! You are doing great, and this next week will only be better!

  9. I can't believe you're already at weeks 8 & 9! You're doing so great, Jamie, and I am so impressed with everything you're able to accomplish in one week!