Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Seneca7 Relay Race Recap - Part 2

Did you miss Part 1? Check it out, here.

Where did I leave off? Oh right, I had just handed off the slap bracelet to Steven and he was making his way around Seneca Lake.

Steven finishing his leg, photo courtesy of Jenn

Rob heading out for his first leg, while Mark and Mike laugh at Steven complaining about his hill, photo courtesy of Jenn

 Mike and Rob's exchange, photo courtesy of Steven

Mike was runner 6, which was the leg that I had last year, so I was really excited to see how he was going to do. His first leg had some rolling hills in the beginning and then a gradual downhill to the exchange point.

A little bit of the uphill, photo courtesy of Steven

Always smiling, photo courtesy of Jenn

He did great and crushed the 4.6ish miles with a blazing fast average pace of 7:05!

 Hanging out at an exchange point with my best friend

Everyone smiling and having fun!

Before I knew it, everyone else had finished up their first legs (and second legs for Mark and Sarah) and it was my turn to run again!

I was really excited about my second leg. The race description for it was a "big descent" for 4.7 miles. While evaluating which runner I wanted to be this leg was one of the reasons for choosing the third position. 

Time to run again, photo courtesy of Steven

 I joked that I was just going to run straight across the street rather than turn left, photo courtesy of Steven

The leg started out at yet another winery and after getting the slap bracelet from Sarah at 1:05pm, I made my way across the grass and back onto the main road. I knew that I was going to run faster than my first leg because it was a little bit shorter and because of the massive downhill into Watkins Glen. 

This leg is also really cool because you can see the lake forever and you bring your team to the bottom of Seneca Lake. 

I passed a runner immediately and really pushed the pace. The leg doesn't start out with an immediate downhill but rather remains flatish for almost 2 miles. The van went by me earlier this time and I made sure to wave at them when they went by!

 One of my favorite photos from this race ever (my current Facebook cover photo), photo courtesy of Jenn

A fast runner passed me around this time, but I saw some other runners in the distance and worked really hard to gain on them. During the major downhill mile, I told myself to just run as fast as possible because I couldn't disappoint my team. I also had thoughts that I would never ever want to run a downhill marathon! My first three miles came in at 7:52, 7:56, 7:17 and I knew I would have to work hard to maintain a sub-8 average pace. 

The final 1.7ish miles of this leg were flat and took us through the marina and a lot of turns in a residential area. Luckily there were plenty of volunteers in this part and I didn't get lost! A cyclist on a bike team (yes some people bike around the lake during their off legs instead of using a van) asked me if I liked the downhill and I said yes. 

 Mike at the exchange point while I finish up my leg, photo courtesy of Jenn

I was getting tired toward the end but I again didn't want to disappoint my team and as soon as I saw the park in the distance, I pushed as hard as I could. Knowing the course helped because I knew how much further I had to go. I turned into the park and ran along the gravel path to the exchange point.

A running joke (pun not intended) is that I take the best race photos, photo courtesy of Beth

I'm not evilly laughing at the hill Steven has to run up, or am I?, photo courtesy of Sarah

I could hear my team and Beth (on a different team) cheering me on and I handed the slap bracelet to Steven. I joked that I got there a bit early (he told me I had 39 minutes to get to him) and he took off up the WORST hill of the day!

I finished 4.67 miles in 36:47 (just a bit ahead of the 39 minutes) at an average pace of 7:53 (the final two splits were 8:05 and 8:28).

We had some time, but we still got in the van and continued on our way!

Stay tuned for the conclusion of the race!


  1. Just getting caught up on your race!!! I am so jealous of the awesome races there are to run in your area. You always have so much fun! And your pace sounds awesome :) Way to go! Can't wait for more!

  2. Can you imagine biking and running the race?! It actually sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. I followed along with this through your IG pics. Sounds like an awesome race.