Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mess the Dress Race Recap

Yesterday we ran our first race in over a month.

Over the winter we ran a lot of trails, so when TrailsROC announced their newest race, Mess the Dress, we knew we wanted to do it immediately. Unfortunately, with my injury and Ironman training we haven't been running trails as often (next weekend's 20K on trails should be interesting).

We also had 10 miles on the training schedule, so we weren't going to be racing it. Just running for fun.

The whole premise of the race was to have fun anyway. The race benefited the Center for Youth Services and collected donations of dresses and money for students in the Rochester area who otherwise may not be able to attend their own proms. Many runners dressed up in actual prom dresses, I kept it simple with my sparkle skirt.

After we got our first 5 miles done on the roads, Mike and I got ready for the race. I wish we had timed our first run a little closer to the start of the race because my legs had about an hour to cool down.

We made the semi-short walk to the start and after a few announcements it was time to start the race. Interestingly, Mark Long from the Real World was there with the company Pocket Protein, one of the race sponsors.

 Mike making his way through a muddy section

The race took place in Black Creek Park and it definitely lived up to the name of the race. The park was still wet and muddy. There were very few dry sections, and I took it easy through most of the muddy and wet sections. The first two miles went by relatively quickly and everyone was messy almost instantly. I did start too far back and had to deal with some bottle-necking, but after I got around people I was fine.

 More mud

My legs started to feel heavy around mile 2.5, because of the pre-race miles and the fact that my shoes felt like they weighed 10,000 pounds. I don't mind mud, but there was one time when I had to stop to get a gross muddy leaf off of me. Earlier in the week I had been bitten by a tick so I was trying to not be grossed out by what could be on me.

I realized I had overdressed with my long sleeve shirt and capris almost immediately, but with one mile left I was really hot. Blog reader, Erin, caught up to me at this point and we chatted for a bit. She rocked her dress!

 I can't believe he wore that tie on his head the whole time

Happy to be almost done

I got to the final section of trails and focused on getting to the finish. The finish line was through a huge pond of water (not an actual pond but that's what it looked like) and then up a hill.

 10 miles for the day, done!

I gave Eric, the race director, a high five at the end and he said that I wasn't dirty at all. The water at the end washed it all off.

I finished in 59:44 and Mike finished in 49:35, for a fun race I'll take it. I know we both could have done better if we weren't running it for fun and didn't have 5 pre-race miles on our legs.

And with that we finished race one of three over three weekends!


  1. What a unique race! It's awesome when you can use races as training runs--definitely breaks up the monotony of running the same routes and seeing the same things. Whew, that "pond" looks brutal! And right at the end of the race too?! Yeesh!

  2. I love the name and theme of this race! And you look awesome in those photos.

  3. Love the picture of you trudging through the water in your bright red skirt.

  4. Oh man that's intense!!! I can't imagine running in a prom dress, especially through that water! That picture of you is awesome!

  5. Love the contrast of your flirty skirt with the mud. Congrats to both of you!

  6. MUD? POND? I'll stick to the roads, haha. But that's awesome girl! Glad you had fun!

  7. Must have been fun to see the folks running in prom dresses, cool idea for a race!

  8. Congrats on your run/race! I love the idea of messing the dress for a great cause. Cool race idea!