Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Even though I am from Maine and have lived in Rochester for over 10 years, I don't particularly enjoy winter all that much. The last few years we have been spoiled and winter has been pretty tame.

This year, not so much. Although I do not like driving in the snow, I could tolerate the amount that we got this year. The extremely cold temperature on the other hand, I was not a big fan of at all. I tried to make the best of it, and there were some fun moments during the winter. However, now that we are almost at the first day of spring I am over it, and have been for a few weeks now.

I am looking forward to the weather improving and not having to wear 10 million layers to go run outside.

 Hard to believe this was a year ago!

Spring running (and fall too by default) is my favorite. I love wearing shorts and long sleeve shirts and having more daylight to run in every day.

 I need some green trees in my life

Spring also means that soon, hopefully, we will be able to ride outside. While I am a very vocal treadmill hater, I do not hate the trainer as much. That said, even I have my limits and I think that after suffering for 30-50 miles on the trainer I will not love it as much.

 Love the wetsuit

Our first triathlon of the year is on June 7th and I am nervous that we won't even be able to get an open water swim in before. As a swimmer, I am fine with the monotony of swimming back and forth in a pool but I have grown to love open water swimming. I'm even a wetsuit believer now, after suffering through an early season triathlon without a wetsuit two years in a row.

 How am I not the sexiest person in the world?

And most importantly, I'm looking forward to my tri tan lines. Because I'm weird like that.


  1. Oh I hear you!! This winter has been especially rough as we were coming back from the south and had to adjust to cold temps, let alone extra cold ones that refuse to go away. :) I'm excited for spring running, too!

  2. I'm too stubborn to admit this winter sucked, and I usually love it. But yes bring on spring! OWS. Now that will be something when I get to that stage, Notice I said WHEN.

  3. Spring is a fun season!! I actually kinda love winter though. I know, I'm weird.

  4. I am SO ready for winter to end. Outdoor workouts are SO much better!

  5. I'm the same way--can't stand the treadmill for running, but don't mind the trainer for biking. I just plug in my earbuds, watch some Kona coverage, and make it hurt. ;) Anyway, this winter has been tough for training across the disciplines. It doesn't look like my team will get in an official outdoor ride before SoBe in a few weeks.

  6. You are preaching to the choir. I am beginning to hate the treadmill! I so need sunshine and warmer temps!

  7. I am sure your tri tan lines, will be super sexy;)