Thursday, February 27, 2014

Running "Death" Face

The free photos, which is really amazing for this blogger, from the Half at the Hamptons came out today.

Some are pretty good, like this one.

Other than the fact that I need to shower, I look pretty good

And then, there are the photos from the last half mile of the race. When I was searching just my photos, this is the only one that came up. 

Not horrible

Then, I went to search Mike's photos, and what I found was pretty special. 

Let's set the scene first. As we rounded the corner back into town and toward the finish of the race, I saw Isaac running extra miles. He had already crushed his race and ran a 1:25 half marathon, yes he is crazy fast, and went back and found everyone in our group and ran us into the finish line. 

As he bounded toward us with seemingly endless energy, he said, "the finish is just at those blue lights". The last half mile of the race brings you around a bend in the road near the ocean. So these "blue lights" were ACROSS the ocean!!

I don't even know what Mike and Isaac were so giddy about, I was in no laughing shape, but I just thought, "Isaac, I hate you. The blue lights are really, really far away" and apparently I looked at them longingly willing them to get closer to me. 

The progression of photos, that I found in Mike's photo results, had me in tears in my office because I was laughing so hard. Mike and Isaac are just bounding along, laughing without a care in the world. While I, on the other hand, am not. In fact, my running "death" face gets worse and worse with each photo.

And since I like all of you enough, here is the progression. Enjoy, and try not to laugh too hard! (You should click on the photo in order to appreciate it in its full glory).

I think that they were secretly laughing at my suffering

I still can't look at those photos without laughing!


  1. I think the lady behind you has the biggest death face of all!

  2. Dude, I have way worse pictures that I could show you. A lot of my pictures as I'm heading towards finish lines involve me sleeping apparently. Eyes closed.

  3. LOL, race photos in general crack me up! It's tough to take a good one, so most of the time, I flash a "thumbs up" and smile like a moron. :)

  4. I totally do not remember what Mike and I were talking about or laughing about. What a great sequence caught by the photographer!

  5. I always have death face, and usually a failed wave. Race photos are the worst.

  6. Aweee those pictures are so fun though!! Love it!

  7. Oh girl, you should see some of my race photos--I didn't even know my legs (and face...) could look that bad! Hah. It's always good for a laugh. ;)

  8. Those pics crack me up!! Actually they reminded me of when you ran Xcountry and when you got by me and Dad you would glare at us!! I like the way Mike and Issac are laughing...oblivious to your pain!!