Thursday, February 6, 2014

Love the Run

One of the things that scared me the most about being injured wasn't the fact that I was unable to run for a few weeks, it was that once I would be able to start running again would I still love it the same way I did before?

At first I was angry for not being able to run, but then anger turned into frustration.

As the days went on, it got easier to not run. And even though I missed it, I wasn't going as crazy as I was when I first became injured (I know I did not have an injury that required multiple months off, but two weeks is a long time for me to not run). Then I thought, does this mean that I don't love running as much as I used to since it is "easy" to not do it?

You are probably thinking that I am crazy, but it's something that I think about. What if I fall out of love with running and triathlon? What am I going to do then?

I think about the dreams that I have, to complete an Ironman, to run an Ultra, to maybe someday do an Ultra Triathlon. I won't be able to accomplish any of those things if I lose the love I have for swimming, biking and running. 

On Sunday and Monday, my foot started to feel better. I had no pain while walking and I knew that I would be able to run sometime this week. I wanted to try on Tuesday but some people convinced me to wait another day or so. We got slammed with another winter storm yesterday so I decided to run on the indoor track at our gym.

I was nervous. First, I didn't want to feel any pain. Second, what if I didn't love it anymore? I almost didn't even run yesterday because I didn't want any disappointment, but I knew that it was time.

It wasn't the most amazing run I have ever had, I don't even really know which run that would be to be honest, but I didn't feel any pain. I did have some discomfort but that was expected.

I only ran 2 miles at about 9 minute average pace, but I was running again! The first mile went by and then as I approached the final two laps around the track (the last .25 miles), I thought to myself, "I need to savor this because this run is going to be over soon".

I still love the run, and I hope that I will for a long, long time.


  1. Awesome! Glad you're on the comeback trail.

  2. This time of year it is easier to not be able to run- as the weather is crappy alot. But, I have a feeling your love of running will continue for awhile... Jamie! Long may you run!!

  3. I can dig it. I felt like that for a bit after my injury b/c it's so hard to come back and feel as strong. But once the training kicks in - wham! In love all over again.

  4. yay!!! baby steps! good work and glad you're easing back into it...don't want to overdo and end up where you were!

  5. I think you will love it for a long time.

  6. Glad you're back to it, girl! :)

  7. Isn't that first pain-free run back SO liberating??? I am so glad you had a successful attempt. When I was last injured, I really fell in love with barre and spinning, so I wondered if I would love running again, too. Turns out, I do:)

  8. Way to get back out there! Knock on wood, I've never been injured in terms of running/triathloning, but I remember how frustrating it was during my basketball days. Getting back out there and picking up where you left off is the best feeling. :)