Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cast a Shadow Race Recap

Or, "The Race I Did Not Run".

That's right, I had my first DNS. I guess technically, I didn't since I found a replacement but it still felt like one in my heart.

Even though I ran twice this past week, I knew that it wasn't enough to be ready for a 6-hour 3-person snowshoe relay. Friday morning, at 6am, I messaged the race director to make sure that I could find a replacement and once he gave me the green light, I asked one of our friends if he wanted my spot. At about 2pm on Friday, I was officially no longer a member of team "Beat Me, Shme and Thee" (our team name was a joke between another co-ed team with the name "Me, Shme and Thee").

The race started at 2pm on Saturday, but we were told we should get there around 12:45pm or so to get a good spot to set up. I still went to the race to cheer on my team and our other friends who were racing on relay teams and as individual runners.

 The new team!

And they're off!

I wish I had been better about taking photos, but it was FREEZING outside and I only went out there for the start and one other time during the day. My one responsibility as the team "cheerleader" was to keep track of the time that the guys had before they should start to get ready for their next loop. The course was approximately 2.4 miles long and the guys were running their loops in 22-25 minutes depending on when during the day they were running.

There are no official results yet, but Mike ran 6 loops (since he went first) and Rob and Matt both ran 5 loops for a total of 16 loops. You can read how Mike felt about the race, here.

This obviously isn't a normal race report for me to write, since I have never missed a race before and have only had one DNF in my racing career.

All day some of the runners were joking that I was lucky that I wasn't out there in the mostly miserable conditions. I know that they meant well, but I would have given anything to be out there with my team doing what I love (even if I had never snowshoed before in my life). I know it was the right/smart decision, but that doesn't mean that the decision didn't hurt a bit.

Oh well, there's always next year! Right, Rob and Mike?


  1. I think you did that smart thing for yourself and your running career.

  2. Oh, boo... giving up a race is hard. But you'll get back there, slowly but surely. That's awesome you were allowed to find a replacement!

  3. it was smart to sit out, but i know how hard it can be on the sidelines! Sounds like a fun event, I've been wanting to do a snowshoe race, but haven't yet. Did they use special snowshoes? I own two pairs but neither are for racing.

  4. That's a tough, but smart decision you made to sit this one out. It looks like a fun race, and hopefully you'll be able to do it next year!

  5. Awee that sounds like such a fun race! At least you still got to be a part of it, and you're right...there is always next year!