Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Running into the New Year

Happy New Year!

Mike and I ended 2013 doing what we love - running! We ran 7 miles on the trails with our friend, Jess, to get used to a section of trail we'll be running on later in January. It was a great way to get our second to last run in for 2013!

Seneca Trail adventures

Last night Mike and I broke our four or five year long tradition of staying home and watching movies on New Year's Eve to go over to two of our friends' house and literally run into the new year.

 The group ready to brave the cold and run!

Our friends Eric and Sheila have a tradition of starting a run around 11:45pm, pausing right before midnight to ring in the new year and continuing running to start the new year the right way. This year a pretty large group joined in their celebration and Mike and I are so glad we didn't miss it!

 The start of the run, photo courtesy of Steven

I didn't hit my running mileage goals (original 1,500, modified 1,250) for 2013, but I got pretty close! The run right before midnight was about 1.49 miles and it got me to a final run mileage total of 1,230.74.

First run of 2014! Photo courtesy of Steven

Our group of 15 or so people counted down the final 10 seconds to the new year and after some quick celebratory cheers and kisses, we continued on our way. Eric lead us through a park on a paved trail and back to their house. My first run of 2014 ended up being 2.07 miles, not a lot of miles but a fun way to start making progress on my goals!

I truly can't imagine what my life would be like without these crazy people in it! Who else would go for a run at 11:45pm, celebrate for a few seconds and continue on running into the new year? We are so lucky to have found them and have them to go on training runs, rides and swims with us.

Which is a good thing, since in the final days of 2013, this happened. We'll need our crazy, wonderful friends more than ever now!


  1. Sounds like fun and a perfect way for you and Mike to celebrate together! Woohoo! Yay for Ironman 2014!

  2. Running in the New Year sounds amazing.

  3. Welcome to the year of the Ironman! I can't wait to read all about your journey.

  4. Woo! I am also doing Ironman Louisville this year- glad to have another blogger doing it! I can't wait to read more!

  5. That's a super fun way to ring in the New Year. Although, it does look like a cold one! (We'd be sweating down here in Florida dangit!) I'm doing IM Chattanooga so you'll be doing yours one month before me. I will proceed to blog stalk. LOL Happy New Year!

  6. That's an awesome way to start the new year! I love it! And congrats on the registration. Now...get to work! ;)

  7. What an awesome run! So neat to be with friends as the year changes as well :)

  8. I LOVE that you "run in the New Year"! That is such a great idea. I may have to try that myself next year!

  9. LOVE this idea, so much fun! What a wonderful group of people to ring in the new year with! Exciting about Louisville!!!