Thursday, January 16, 2014

Confession Time

I haven't done a confession (or a "real" blog post) in awhile, and after I read Ari's post last week, I thought I should do another one.

So... here we go. More than you probably really want to know about me lately.

As you know, I'm on vacation. Still. So what do I do all day? Unless I've had an appointment, rode on the trainer, or taken Bernie on a walk, I've done pretty much nothing. All. Day. Long.

So what does "nothing" include, you ask? (Or maybe you didn't, but let's just pretend you did shall we?) Watching shows that Mike would never watch including Pretty Little Liars (that I just started watching in the current season, so yea I'm confused), Ravenswood, Switched at Birth and The Fosters. I'm a 13 year old girl in an almost 29 year old's body, I'm fine with it.

I have this bad habit, that I've had forever, that when I like a song I listen to it. On repeat. Non-stop. After re-living my high school days and looking up hip hop dance videos (more on that soon), I have been listening to this gem like it's my job. Remember, 13 year old in an almost 29 year old's body. (And yes, the answer to your question is that I am listening to it while writing this post).

So, you would think that since I've been on vacation that our house is in pristine condition, right? (Well read that other confessions post and you'll know that's not even close to the truth). In fact, our Christmas tree and minimal decorations are still up. Yea, need to take those down.

 My longest run on trails to date (how was this almost 2 weeks ago??)

I have an 18 mile run on the trails this weekend. That will be my longest run on trails, ever. I haven't started to freak out yet, but I kind of expect to. Next weekend, I will attempt 20 miles on trails, for no reason. I'm not even training for anything right now.

Speaking of running, my running clothes are not nicely put away right now. Actually, they haven't been in awhile. They are just strewn about the floor, in a not so orderly pile.

I haven't gotten a hair cut since Crystal's marathon. LAST February. I do have a plan for it though, I will grow it out a few more inches and then donate it to Locks of Love (or some other similar organization after research).

And finally, remember the hip hop dance videos? I really wish I could do this, but I think that all the swimming, biking and running I do has rendered me too inflexible enough to do so. I can dream!

And there you have it, like I said more than you really probably wanted to know about me right now!


  1. Wow enjoy all that downtime! Why do I not even remember that song?

    1. I hadn't heard it until I was looking up the hip hop dance videos, it must not have been on the radio!

  2. Sounds like a great vacation and lots of down time. When I am off work which is rare I should clean but I catch up on tv movies and relax. My laundry is very rarely all put away nice and neat.. Christmas tree and decor is down but still in boxes and totes in house not out in garage where it belongs......

  3. I always donate to Pantene's need 8 inches instead of the 10 that you need for Locks for Love. I've been growing mine, but I'm not sure when I'm donating.

  4. I wouldn't do anything all day, either. That sounds glorious in fact. Good luck on your run!

  5. Staycations are the best! And everyone needs that downtime. You reminded me I really, really need to clean today or tomorrow. But I just did laundry, so that's enough work for today, right? ;)

  6. Love time off and doing nothing! :D Enjoy your last few days!!

  7. Cracking up at that song. So not what I was expecting but I'm glad you are loving it. It is pretty fun. It makes me think of the CW and some similar show I watched b/c it was an intro for it. Maybe that show The Game? Who knows. Anywho, you're on vacation, you are supposed to do nothing. Keep on nothing on girl. You'll be busy again soon enough.

  8. Yes, keep doing nothing on vacation! That's what they're for. It's the whole, doing nothing at home thing that I need to be better about. I don't get haircuts often enough either, but my hair doesn't grow long enough to do locks of love. I wish it did. And my workout clothes rarely make it from hanging in the laundry room before I snatch them and put them on to wear.

  9. OMG SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!!!! My favorite. Also, I love that you are running 20 miles for no reason. Crazy lady. ;)