Monday, December 2, 2013


Alright, I can't really take credit for the term "Trailsgiving" (one of our friends said it) but it is fitting for our runs during the week of Thanksgiving!

 #TrailsRoc Trailsgiving Celebration! Photo courtesy of Steven

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, our #trailsroc friends got together for a trail run and a little feast after and we dubbed it "Trailsgiving". Tuesday and Wednesday, Rochester got hit with a lot of snow so we trekked through the woods for our first major snow run of the year!

Weetamoo Woods trail map

While in Massachusetts, Mike and I went for our own trail run at Weetamoo Woods in Tiverton, Rhode Island the day after Thanksgiving. We had a lot of fun exploring the woods ourselves and we didn't even get lost (we had to turn around one time because a sign was pointing the wrong way)!

 Part of the yellow trail

Some scenes from our run

We really enjoyed the trails in the Pardon Gray Preserve and Weetamoo Woods, some of them were a little bit rocky but other than that they were well-maintained and well-marked.  Our route took us through the Ridge trail and Cemetery trail in the preserve and then we navigated through the yellow, green, red, orange and yellow trails in the woods. We got 5.5 miles in for the day and overall it was a really successful solo trail run!

In addition to running on the trails while celebrating Thanksgiving, my family, Mike and I went for a walk on some of the trails in Copicut Woods. We were able to take Bernie for a walk and logged 3.2 miles!

Lots of stone walls in the park!

My brother, Justin, running with Bernie on Miller Lane

Both Weetamoo Woods and Copicut Woods have amazing trails! The trails at Copicut were less rocky than at Weetamoo but they both were runnable. We even saw mountain bikers while walking at Copicut. If you are in the Massachusetts/Rhode Island area I would highly recommend that you check out these trails!

We ended our week of Trailsgiving with a preview run of the #trailsroc 0 Degree W.T.F. course that we will be running in a few weeks. We are doing the 5 mile option and we wanted to run the course one more time, in the daylight, before the race!

 Trekking up one of the hills! Photo courtesy of Eric

Since it had snowed so much in Rochester a few days before, the trails were really snowy! We both wore our YakTrax (I need the run-specific ones!) and we hit the trails with a fairly large group.

 Do you see me? Photo courtesy of Eric

Running through the field or the finish of the race, photo courtesy of Eric

After the group run was over, Mike and I went out for 3 more miles on our own. We went a different way and checked out some other trails that we had never run on before. 

Our week of Trailsgiving totaled 21.2 miles (3.2 walking, 18 running), not a bad way to celebrate!


  1. Looks like fun! I've never tried Yaktrax. A friend of mine's broke so now I'm hesitating.

  2. I almost bought YakTrax before coming home for Thanksgiving. Can't be messing around with Upstate New York snow. ;)

  3. Wow. that is a lot of snow. I do not envy that.
    I am glad you enjoy it though.

  4. I love that term! And wow, you got in some awesome mileage!

  5. Looks like fun! I lived in Fall River for a short time in my first apartment but never heard of that place! And Tiverton is only maybe 1/2 hour from us. These will be good to check out, nice and close!

  6. Wow looks like fun! I need Yaktrax. I do a lot of trail running in the winter. :)

  7. So awesome :-) I'm impressed you sought out some trails in a new town... did you just google around? I envision all of your 2014 races changing over to trail races, ha!

    1. I did just google! Lots of options in that area :)

      Haha, we will be doing a few trail races next year! But then it's back to triathlons ;)