Monday, December 23, 2013

Rochester River Chase Group Run

Mike and I have been primarily running lately. I have been getting in some swim workouts the last couple of weeks during the day and I have been riding on the trainer a bit, but other than that it has been mostly about the run miles.

This past weekend we got out for another group run with some friends from TrailsRoc. Mike's parents were in town to celebrate Christmas with us and since Mike's mom is a runner she joined us for the run.

There is a race in Rochester called the River Chase and a few friends had been talking about running the course. I thought this would be a perfect option for when Mike's mom was in town since she isn't a trail runner. The route does have about 3 miles of trails at the end but the rest is roads and paved trails.

 Waiting to start the run, photo courtesy of Steven

A relatively large group of us, about 15 people, met up on Saturday morning to run! There were five people who had run the course earlier in the morning and as we were waiting (since some people had mentioned that they wanted to do two loops, they changed their minds though) we saw them running in.

They looked wet and I knew we were in for a soggy, fun run! One of our friends even asked if we had extra socks on us, none of us did though.

We set out on the course and stayed together as a group. The beginning was pretty good, there wasn't any snow on the roads and when we stopped to regroup before entering Turning Point Park I mentioned that it might be slippery.

 The majority of our group, photo courtesy of Todd

This part of the run was pretty tough since it was snow covered. We did stop for a few pictures before and on the boardwalk, though! Our friend Steven was across the river in Seneca Park and took photos of us. They actually came out really well!

 Right before the boardwalk, photo courtesy of Steven

Along the boardwalk, photo courtesy of Steven

Off we go! Photo courtesy of Steven

After running across a bridge, we made our way onto the trails. This was the hardest part, especially since I wasn't wearing my trail shoes! The slushy trails and huge puddles made it really difficult to run through, but it was a good workout for our stabilizer muscles.

 Some of what we were contending with, photo courtesy of Steven

The best part about this 9.5 mile run was the group that we were running with! Our TrailsRoc friends are amazing and I love running with them multiple times a week!


  1. Looks like an awesome time!!!

  2. I saw your pictures of this online and it looked cold, but awesome.