Monday, December 30, 2013

2014 Goals: The Year of the Ironman

I can't believe that 2013 is almost over! It truly was an epic year for us, but I know that 2014 has a lot of other great things in store and I am ready for a clean slate.

I actually got sick over the weekend so I haven't added much mileage to my final year totals, but that's alright. There is, literally, next year!

I had a lot of goals in 2013, and even though I didn't accomplish all of them, I did accomplish most of them. 2014, is going to be a bit different. It is going to be the year of the Ironman. We start training on March 10th (really the 11th since Monday is always an "off" day) and the race is on August 24th, that's 6 months out of the year right there. We'll still technically be in our off season in January and February, but we need to start base building with swimming and biking.

We also won't be racing as much in 2014. I raced 29 races in 2012, 20 in 2013 and so far we only have 12 planned for 2014. I'm sure there will be a few more here and there but I doubt we'll top 20 races.

So, for that reason I am going to have less goals in 2014, but I think that they are "bigger" in the grand scheme of things. And we are finally going to be in the year of the Ironman, the race we have had our eyes on since we started Week 1 Day 1 of Couch-to-5K back in April 2011!

  • Participate in at least two running relays. 
  • Race in two new states.  
  • Run my 4th marathon (not during our Ironman).
  • Run two trail races. 
  • Continue to run trails as often as possible (we have Thursdays planned during Ironman training).
  • Run a 20 miler on trails. 
  • PR at least one race distance.

  • Finish an Ironman.
  • Finish an Ironman in under 15 hours.
  • Compete in a swim-only event. 
  • Become faster on the bike, I'd like to hold at least 16mph during our Ironman.
  • Ride around at least two of the Finger Lakes.
  • Complete my first Century (100 mile ride), not during our Ironman.
  • Become comfortable with general maintenance of my bike, actually learn how to change a tube!
  • Swim a total of 150 miles, bike a total of 2,500 miles and run a total of 1,250 miles. 
  • Train and race with friends as often as possible, we'll need them during Ironman training!

  • See Crystal (and Joe) every month until they move. 
  • Remain injury-free. 
  • Volunteer at a race at least once.
  • Organize our race medals and start scrapbooking our triathlon photos. 
  • Go cross country skiing with friends. 

There you have it! Those are the goals I am going to try to accomplish in 2014!


  1. Sounds like a busy and FUN year! Good luck with your training. :) And Happy New Year!!

  2. Great goals!! Good luck! I want to run some trails too!

  3. Looks like you have some nice goals! I especially like the "learn how to change a tube" goal. I think it's one of those things where you just need to do it over and over. I got really discouraged at first with it, then as I was made to keep trying it, I got it! As I'm sure you know, it's a good skill to have, especially on those long rides.

  4. Jamie, I just can't even get over how just 2 and a half years ago, you started C25K and now you're about to start training for an IRONMAN! You are amazing and such an inspiration! Can't wait to follow along through your training!


  6. Great goals Jamie. I am looking forward to watching the IM training.

  7. Great goals! Here's to a great year!

  8. Lots of great goals for 2014! :) Looking forward to hopefully being part of some of it. Long bike rides here we come! ;)

  9. I have no doubt whatsoever that you will be an IronCouple this year! Looking forward to reading all about it!

  10. You've lined up a lot of great FUN goals for yourself! Here's to a great year!

  11. You are going to have an AWESOME year -- go Jamie, go!

  12. How exciting that the year of the Ironman is finally here!! Can't wait to see you go after it!

  13. Holy awesome and inspiring! How exciting to be looking at an Iron Man for 2014! Can't wait to read about your journey!

  14. You have a ton of goals, but knowing you they will get knocked off one by one as you meet them.

  15. Yay for Year of the Ironman! It's going to a long year, but so worth it! And I definitely recommend learning how to change a flat for your Ironman. You just never know...

  16. Wow! Those are impressive goals! Good luck in 2014!

  17. You have one heck of a year planned and you are going to be amazing!!!!! Happy New Year!!!

  18. WOW!! I can not wait to see you accomplish all these! Go girl!

  19. So excited for you and your 2014 goals--cannot wait to follow your Ironman journey! And do plenty of virtually cheering too. :)

  20. You still have so many goals for 2014! I'm amazed, and I know you'll accomplish them because it's just what you do. I'm so glad we'll be training for Ironman at the same time. I know we'll be able to share in mini successes and commiserate in mini failures along the training way. There are two major goals that you threw out there along with Ironman that I love in particular. I love that you already put it out there that you want to go under 15 hours. I think so often people are secretive with times on big goals like that, and being so open makes it even more exciting to follow your training plan. I think I'll need to put out a number too, but I'm not sure I'm as comfortable yet. And second? Another marathon this year?! When?! Before or after Ironman? Exciting!

    1. Thanks, Meghan!! We are planning on doing the Philly Marathon in November after our Ironman :) And the under 15 hours is so I qualify to register for the SOS Triathlon ;)

  21. You are going to OWN 2014! Even though I know nothing about triathlons, and the very thought of anything Ironman related scares me to death, I am majorly excited to follow along with your training and watch you accomplish your goals!

  22. I'm so excited to follow you to this Ironman goal! I haven't known you since 2011, but I can definitely feel your building energy - and your blog title! - an IRONWOMAN you will be!!!