Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 Goals in Review

It's that time of year again! Time to review the goals that I set for myself and start thinking about new ones for 2014.

Let's see how I did!


  • Run a smarter and faster marathon than Wineglass. Both the Cleveland Marathon and the MDI Marathon were faster, MDI was the smartest and fastest marathon of the year!
  • Run a sub-5 hour marathon, at least once. Yep! I ran 4:46:58 at Cleveland and my current PR set at the MDI Marathon is 4:17:37.
  • Run a sub-2 hour half marathon. I WILL do this if it is the only thing I accomplish in 2013. FINALLY!! One of my proudest moments of the year. I ran 1:54:22 at the Erie Half Marathon at Presque Isle in September.
  • PR in the 5K with a 24:xx time. Check! My current 5K PR is 24:52.
  • PR in the 10K with a 53:xx time. Unfortunately, no. I did run a 10K PR at the B.A.A. 10K with a time of 54:42.
  • Run a 30K, automatic PR. Check! Around the Bay 30K completed.
  • Finish a marathon with Mike by my side. He might need some convincing but I hope he will run the MDI marathon next to me, rather than ahead of me. No, this didn't happen and honestly I'm glad he ran his own race at MDI and crushed it!


  • Run at least two races with friends by my side, whether I am pacing them, they are pacing me or it is just for fun. This happened many times! We paced Crystal at her marathon, Amber paced me at Flower City half, Isaac and Crystal ran with me at the MDI Marathon, I tried to pace Sarah at a 5K and Crystal and I ran side by side at our 5K a few weeks ago for fun!
  • Participate in at least three running relays, gotta keep up my status as a relayniac! I'm going to say this happened: Mike and I did the marathon relay in Hyannis, Seneca7 and 100on100 in Vermont.
  • Race in at least two new states. Check! Ohio, Vermont, Maine and Rhode Island.
  • Volunteer at a race at least once. Four times! 0SPF, Sodus Point Triathlon, 100 mile triathlon and Ready, Set, Glow!
  • Be Mike's cheerleader at a race where only he is participating.  He did this twice for me this year and I need to return the favor, hopefully he picks a race that I won't be too jealous I'm not running! This didn't happen for a real race, but I did support him at the Corporate Challenge when he walked it.
  • Run 1,500 miles for the year. This didn't happen, I am currently at 1,212.40 miles, I am hoping to get 1,250 total. Still a respectable amount!
  • Race at least 13 times, I'm doing 13 in 2013 (variety of distances). I raced 20 times this year, a solid number.
  • Run another trail race. Check! One of my favorite races this year: 0 Degree W.T.F. 5 miler



  • Go for a group bike ride. We did this a few times! We rode with Amber and Greg and we went for a short ride with Crystal.
  • Ride around at least two more of the Finger Lakes. Ugh, this did not happen but we did put in a good effort. We tried to ride around Canandaigua Lake twice. The first time the hills got to us and we just did an out and back and the second time Mike got a chain suck and we had to stop early. We also tried to ride around Canadice Lake but my bike had some issues with its brakes and we stopped the ride short. 
  • Become comfortable with general maintenance of my bike, and buy accessories that we need for them. This was somewhat successful. We went clipless this year and we also bought new tri bikes in time for our 70.3. I am still not completely comfortable with the maintenance of my bike and this is going to be a goal for next year. I WILL learn how to change a tube!
  • Become faster on the bike, my weakest leg of the triathlon. Successful! During the Keuka Lake Intermediate Tri (24.85 miles) I averaged 14.5 mph and at Musselman (56 miles) I averaged 15.1mph. On the surface that isn't a huge difference in speed, but the bike for Musselman is double that of Keuka Lake. I ended the year with the majority of my training rides clocking in at about 16mph so overall I have definitely gotten faster!
  • Swim, bike and run a total of 2,013 miles for the year (with my goal of 1,500 for running that means I need to swim and bike a total of 513 miles). Check! My current mileage for the year is 2,905.31 miles. The break down is: Swim - 50.02 miles (final), Bike - 1,642.89 , Run - 1,212.40. I'm hoping for more biking and running miles to get me above 3,000 miles for the year.

  • Remain injury free! I think this is a yearly goal. Check! Other than a few tweaks here and there, I felt really good all year.
  • Organize and display our race bibs and medals. Half of a check, we did get bib boards from Crystal and they are hanging up proudly. We still need to organize the rest of our bibs and medals.
  • Start scrapbooking our running/triathlon journey.  I fell off the wagon with scrapbooking and hopefully this will get me back in the groove! Unfortunately, no. We need a new printer so I have been unable to scrapbook. 
  • Strength train as much as possible. For awhile there we did well, we did go to the gym whenever we could and also did some Jillian Michaels DVDs. After the MDI Marathon we did a lot of hip openers yoga. 

There you have it! That's how I did with my goals this year. Overall, I accomplished all of my big goals with the exception of 1,500 running miles for the year. Some of the goals that I didn't accomplish this year will carry over to next year and others will be modified. Stay tuned to find out my goals for 2014! 


  1. It sounds like you had a great year! Congrats!

  2. Wow. You had a ton of goals and you did amazing at them.
    I think I need to set goals monthly, I learned that yearly goals may not work for me like they do for you. I get to unfocused.. shiny.. squirrel

  3. So I'd say you had a kick ass year in every way. The ones that you didn't meet were far exceeded by those that you met and went above and beyond with. Impressive year you've had for sure, Jamie! I'm incredibly impressed. I didn't set this many triathlon and running goals at the beginning of the year (obvious why not in terms of triathlon), but I kind of wish I had so I could look back on it like this. Can't wait to watch you train and grow for Louisville next year. Glad to have you to bounce ideas back and forth with.

  4. Sounds like a super solid year to me! Great job!!! :D

  5. That was a HUGE year, holy cow!! Congrats on meeting so many goals, you should be pretty damn proud :-)

  6. You had a great year! Doing 20 races is crazy--you're a racing machine! :) And I'm still right there with you in terms of the bike maintenance. I'm going to attempt to change my trainer tire this weekend, so send some positive vibes. ;)

  7. Amazing year! I cannot wait for my Ironman 70.3 in April 2013 in Florida. I am terrified but still excited by it! 20 races is crazy awesome!

  8. You killed your goals, girl! Can't wait to see what next year has in store :)

  9. Wow! NAILED IT! Seriously, 2013 was an awesome year for you - here's to even more accomplishments in 2014!

  10. You had quite the busy year! Congrats on accomplishing so many goals.

  11. You're a beast. You absolutely crushed 2013! Congrats!

  12. What an AMAZING year!! You set so many goals, and you crushed almost every single one! So impressed by you and all your achievements!

  13. You had an awesome year! Whenever I see a picture of MDI, the great memories flood back... what a day it was!

  14. You had such an awesome racing year- tons of new prs!! I was just thinking about my goals for the year and how things worked out... working on that post soon, too. It's fun to see how far we've come!