Monday, November 25, 2013

Winter is Here

I know that technically the first day of winter isn't until December 21st, but I think that it has hit the Rochester area a little early this year. Actually, except for the weird snowless winter two years ago, we typically have snow by the end of November/beginning of December.

This weekend we got a little bit of snow Saturday afternoon and evening. The temperature also drastically dropped and we hit the coldest temp of the year! It was a lovely 19 degrees when we started our run on Sunday morning.

While I know some people like to retreat to the warmth of the treadmill as soon as the weather turns winter-like, I am not one of those people. I despise the treadmill, so Mike and I run outside all year round. If I have to get a workout done inside, I stick to the indoor track.

Sunday we met up with a small group of friends to go for our second trail run of the weekend. I wanted to get 25 miles for the week so I knew that I had to run 6.4 miles for the day, or so I thought. Later, I found out that I really only needed to run 5.4 miles, but that extra mile was worth it!

 If you couldn't tell by my face it was chilly, photo courtesy of Eric

 Mike and Liz, photo courtesy of Eric

Mike and I met up with a new running friend, Alison, and got in a few extra miles before the rest of the group got there. Actually, Eric and Sheila were already out running and we saw both of them (they were meeting up with the small group too). We also saw Dave who was at our trail run the day before. Lots of runners out enjoying the first real snowfall of the year!

Snowy trails, photo courtesy of Eric

I LOVE RUNNING!! Photo courtesy of Eric

After getting in about 2 miles we waited for everyone else to show up. Three more people joined and Eric lead us to the waterfall in the park.

Friends enjoying the scenery and running, photo courtesy of Alison

Even the dogs had fun! Photo courtesy of Eric

After we got back, we had some hot chocolate in the parking lot!

While winter is not my favorite time of year, I do enjoy winter running a lot more than summer running. I'm excited to hit the trails more this winter in preparation for a snowshoe relay in February!


  1. lol Nice! Looks like a great run.....I love the pups!!! :) and how do you have hot chocolate in the parking lot??? ...I'm so curious

    1. One of the guys brought some in a thermos and it stayed warm in his car!

  2. Pretty! I'm excited for my first snow run! I also wish I had access to an indoor track. Treadmill is a necessary evil for me unfortunately. I don't love it either.

  3. The darkness is what get me indoors this time of year, I will still go for outdoor runs on the weekend though! How far do you typically travel to reach trails? Convenient trails are lacking in the Albany area

    1. There are trails about 10 minutes away from our house to almost half an hour away, so we have plenty of options!

  4. I love the off-season and the flexiblilty to do all sorts of fun running!

  5. Ah, there's the cold and snowy Upstate NY I know and love! ;) We have about 10 inches, so it will be a white Thanksgiving--and you better believe I'll be running outside when I'm home. No dreadmill for this girl!

  6. Getting cold here too but no snow really yet. I did have to run in some this morning but just the dusting, nothing major. Great photos and running.

  7. I love running outdoors all year round! Same here, not really like the treadmill a lot. I will run in the trails with snow in it. I love the scenery you get in the winter! :)

  8. Holy crud that looks cold, I am a wuss.
    Luckily it NEVER snows here.