Thursday, November 21, 2013


I don't do those daily "what I am thankful for" posts on Facebook, but since we are a week away from Thanksgiving I figured I would do one post about it.

I am thankful for my mom, dad and brother. Today is my dad's birthday!

I am thankful for our furry children! Yesterday was Bernie's 3rd birthday!

Teagan and Benny

I am thankful for Mike, without him I would be lost in this world!

I am thankful for our friends, near and far!

And I am thankful for the ability to swim, bike and run. It is a huge part of who I am and one of the reasons that so many of these people are a part of my life!


  1. Great post!!! Love all the pictures!!!

  2. Lots to be thankful for:) Love all the fur babies!

  3. Love the pictures! It's nice to stop once in a while and think about what's awesome in our lives.

  4. Excellent post and pictures! Happy Birthday to your dad and Bernie!

  5. Aww, I love this post! Lots of November birthdays, too! :)

  6. Love that you took the time to share some of this with us! I am grateful for you my wonderful friend and your constant support--you have no idea how much your comments brighten my day! :)