Friday, October 11, 2013

The Comparison of Marathons

My new series, "My First Marathon", has been a great way for me to reminisce about my own first marathon. It did not go well, that's for sure, but I can now look back and see what I did wrong, and what I did right.

 The finish of Crystal's first marathon!

Yesterday, Crystal posted the link to her first marathon race recap and I re-read it. It had me smiling, laughing and tearing up. It also made me go back and re-read my second marathon race recap, which went a lot better but still had some ups and downs.

I tried to think about what our 12 miler before our second marathon was like, and I couldn't even remember what we did! I can remember that the 12 miler two weeks before our first marathon did not go well at all. I went back on DailyMile and found my entry for the 12 miler two weeks out from Cleveland, and that one didn't go well either! I was actually sick prior to both of those runs and our average pace was 10:18 and 10:04, respectively.

Our 12 miler this time went a lot better (for those wondering, I do develop our own plans but base them off of Hal Higdon's marathon training plans. We followed the Novice II plan for Wineglass and followed, somewhat, the Intermediate I plan for Cleveland and MDI. Both plans have you doing 12 miles two weeks out from the marathon).

While it was hilly, humid and the day after we volunteered on our feet all day, we still managed a respectable 9:38 average pace.

Pain, heartache, sad face

Wineglass, was tough. We faced adversity and unfortunately Mike did not achieve his dream of becoming a marathoner that day.

 Much happier

Cleveland, was better but still full of challenges for both of us throughout the second half.

I'm not sure what MDI is going to bring, I know there will be good times, hard times, crazy induced laughter times (I'll be running with Isaac after all), and tearful (happy and sad) times.

Do I know what the pace of the 12 milers prior to our marathons represent? Not really, but I just thought it was interesting that each one has gotten better and, so far, our marathons have followed suit.

We are stronger, faster, wiser and more patient (alright, that's another reason I am running with Isaac too) runners now. We also realize that even with the best training, which ours has been pretty good this time (though not without some issues here and there), that on marathon day anything can happen.

I'm excited to see what marathon day, in the place where I grew up no less, has in store for me in a little over a week. Regardless of what the numbers say, I know I am going to have an amazing, emotional and fun experience that I will never forget!


  1. I know you're going to be amazing! Excited for you. It's fun to look back, isn't it?

  2. Cant wait to hear about how your next races goes!!!!! I am sure it will be amazing.

  3. Looking back is a great way to see what worked, what didn't, plus truly take in how far you've come and how much you've improved. Let the race day countdown begin!

  4. Good luck!! Start slow and save it for the 2nd half - finish strong!!

  5. Single digit countdown!! Eek!! I'm so excited!! I just wanna finish this beast of a race. It is my Everest. I'm so happy that we get to see you in 1 week!!

  6. So excited for you! I ran my first on Sunday and it was an absolutely incredible experience. I think it's a good year for marathoners. :D

  7. Oh my gosh, it is soooo soon!!! Have a great time!

  8. So excited for you. I can't believe it's just a week away!!

  9. Hi there! I just found your blog, and I, too, enjoyed reading your marathon race reports. I finished my first one last Sunday, and I'm still pretty obsessed! Best wishes for your upcoming race!

  10. It's definitely fun to look back and see how far you've come. Good luck in your race!!

  11. crazy induced laughter... I have no idea what you are talking about... hahahahah!!!! :)