Sunday, October 13, 2013

Let's GLOW Volunteer

Trails ROC put on another amazing event last night called Ready, Set, Glow. It was a 5-ish mile trail run at night with a bunch of glow sticks on the course and the runners. Unfortunately, with it only being a week before our marathon we didn't think it was a good idea to race, so we volunteered instead.

We were assigned to the Owl's Maze in Dryer Park with another volunteer, Jen. This was the most confusing part of the course because it had a few right-hand turns and there was two-way traffic at times.

The Owl's Maze before it got dark

Eric took us out to our station well before the start of the race, which gave us time to get "glowed up". Thanks Jen for bringing all the glow sticks!

 I missed the memo on the black long sleeve shirt and #trailsroc sleeveless

Jen is ready!

While we were waiting for the runners, and as it got darker, we kept hearing noises and one time I got a little freaked out. Mike kept making fun of us!

Me and Mike, Mike and Jen

The race started at 7:00pm and since we were at the halfway point, we knew it wouldn't take long for runners to get to us. Around 7:20pm the first runners appeared!

Mike at his post, directing the runners

 Some of the runners

We basically had to direct people to the right and offer water refills. It was really fun to watch everyone snake through the Owl's Maze, you could see the lights for a long time. Apparently, the runners said that they could hear us for awhile, we were cheering really loud!

After the last runner came through the second time, we packed everything up and walked back to the parking lot. We had some delicious chicken curry soup and rolls, and after hanging out for a bit Mike and I headed home.

We had SO much fun last night. I don't think we've had as much fun volunteering before, and that's saying a lot since we have volunteered at some pretty cool events. It was amazing to see everyone having a fun time!

Volunteering always gets me pumped up to race, so I'm looking forward to next weekend even more now!


  1. You guys are amazing volunteers! Sounds like an awesome time.

  2. What a cool race! I think I would want to volunteer as well, only because I would bite the dirt 3 steps in if I tried to race on a trail in the dark!

  3. I think that race would be super fun to volunteer, but I'd be scared to run it - afraid I'd trip in the dark.

  4. That is so cool! A few coworkers and I are thinking about doing a midnight run on New Year's Eve, so I'll keep those glow sticks in mind--what a great idea!

  5. Ok. That looks downright amazing and scary at the same time! I am SO clumsy when it comes to trail races, too, so I am not sure how I'd handle the dark!

  6. thanks for being stellar volunteers! and carrie @ fitness and frozen grapes--we always do a "run into the new year" too! it's super fun!!!

  7. As a course runner, I appreciated your support and cheers.

  8. This just might be the coolest race in the world!

  9. So fun! I really need to volunteer at more races.