Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Big Dreams

Immediately after the MDI Marathon was over and we were all walking back to my dad's truck, up a HUGE hill mind you, I said to Crystal, "we can sub-4 next time" (this of course made Mike say, "what about me?!" Obviously, I think you can sub-4 too, Mike).

 Probably pretty accurate!

When I ran my first marathon, I went in with time expectations even though you probably shouldn't for your first marathon. You should just be happy with finishing, but that's extremely hard for me to do. I really wanted to run that marathon between 4:15 and 4:30, which didn't happen.

I ran Wineglass at 5:01:23 and was completely disappointed with myself. I didn't think that I was a true marathoner and I was upset that Mike hadn't accomplished his dream of becoming a marathoner as well.

When we registered for the Cleveland Marathon, I went in a bit more conservatively. I still wanted 4:30, but I told myself I would be happy with 4:59:59. I think I didn't want to set myself up for disappointment again.

The day started out well enough, I was on track for 4:15 or so and then the second half went downhill a bit. The heat got to me, but I still managed to PR with a new time of 4:46:58.

The MDI Marathon started out being just a fun race, without any goal times, because of our 70.3 a few months prior. We recovered quickly, though, and as the race got closer I decided that I wanted to PR. Knowing that MDI was hilly, I wasn't sure what I was capable of and I again thought that something in between 4:15 and 4:30 would be appropriate.

Crossing the finish line in 4:17:37 was amazing!

 Such an amazing day!

In a little over a year, I cut 43 minutes and 46 seconds off of my marathon time. That's HUGE! But, I still want to do better and I know I can do better.  

Using this to help me out a bit

My plan for next year is to run a sub-1:50 half marathon, and if this happens then I am going to go for a sub-4 marathon in 2014 or 2015. We are planning on doing the Philly Marathon next year, but if we aren't recovered from our Ironman appropriately I will put off trying for sub-4 until 2015 (and then Philly would just be for fun). As much as I would LOVE to register for a spring marathon, Mike and I really need to dedicate our time and energy to Ironman training (though, I am going to be jealous of everyone that is registering and running one and it will be hard for me to not make a split second decision!)

I know that I have a lot of work to do, for both the sub-1:50 half marathon and a sub-4 hour marathon, but I like the challenge.

As a triathlete, qualifying for Boston isn't in my immediate sights but it is something that I would like to try for some day. Now that I have less than an hour to take off of my time I believe that it is possible with hard work.


  1. I love how you keep setting new goals for yourself, and always keep it interesting and challenging! This I know you definitely can do! Keep us posted on the book - I'd love to hear about it!

  2. Girl with how quickly your times improve Boston probably isn't that far off. You are amazing!!

  3. Wow that is quite the improvement. I think those are smart and reasonable goals.

    I'm going into my first marathon with no time goal other then to finish. We shall see how it goes ha ha.

  4. I love the thought captions. Hahaha!! I love that you are always striving for more. I never thought I was a competitive person until I started running and I realized I loved improving my time.

  5. I think 2014 will be the year of the triathlons for you guys.

  6. I love that 1st pic! You are making me think about doing another marathon after 10 years of only halfs.

  7. I think you can do it! I had sub-4 marathons but still haven't squeaked out a sub 1:50 half. Maybe because my half PR came 6 days after a marathon. Timing is everything right?

  8. Awesome goals!! The elusive sub 4 hour haunts me too. My half PR is 1:40, yet my full is only a 4:25. I always break down around mile 19/20!! I would love to break 4 hours in 2014 as well!

  9. I used that book for my NYC training, I'll let you know on Sunday what I think. HAHA! Actually I really loved the training plan I created and felt stronger through this than I have most sessions.

  10. Woohoo for progress! Love that you're assessing your performance and making realistic, attainable goals for the future. That's how we grow as athletes. :)

  11. We marathoners are crazy. Always dreaming.
    I LOVE it.
    I am not quite as speed as you, but I have my own crazy dreams.
    4:45 and eventually 4:30 are my goals.

  12. Love the goals! My goals are to hit BQ and to get under 1:45 in a half... oh and I randomly decided to sign up for my first 1/2 Ironman next year. I should probably mention I've never done a single tri in my life.

    GO BIG!

  13. That's awesome! One of my next half goals is a sub 1:50. I'm close, but I have my first full in December this year so that's my focus right now.

  14. I'm confident that whatever you put your mind to you will accomplish so I can't wait to see you run a sub-4 marathon and sub-1:50 half marathon!

  15. The fact that you're EVEN RUNNING A MARATHON is crazy amazing!!! Who cares about time!

  16. Way to go! You can totally hop the sub 4 line and feel great while doing it! I'm excited to hear about you running your half in sub 1:50 - only a matter of time :) !

  17. I'm sure you will accomplish your goals! You both are amazing athletes :)
    You will have to do a review of that book for us, too!