Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Summer's End

I started drafting a post about this topic but I didn't like where it was going, it just felt too long haha, so I started over. While I know summer isn't officially over until September 22nd, it is basically over for me. I am back to work, and have been for over a week, and I actually had my first Labor Day off in 10 years. I've even indulged in a few pumpkin coffees/lattes.

So before I officially transition to fall, I wanted to celebrate the good times that happened over the summer!





Until we meet again, summer!


  1. Your summer looks like it was jam packed full of exciting races and adventures. I love the pumpkin spice lattes too! I've already got a new pumpkin spice potpourri in my front hallway.

    1. The lattes are so good! I've only had them all iced so far, since it is still relatively warm, but soon it will be time for hot lattes/coffee.

  2. I feel that summer's over too, with kids going back to school and my last tri of the season on Sunday and marathon training heating up! I just heard pumpkin lattes are back, yummy! I drink mine hot even in the summer!

  3. You've had a terrific summer! Here's to many more adventures!

  4. I'm back to work too, boo! Cute pictures :)

  5. It's always sad to say goodbye to summer, but I am definitely looking forward to fall!

  6. Nice topic !!
    We had only one summer - Rain, Rain and More Rain!

  7. I am back at work so I feel like summer is technically over. However, it doesn't feel like fall yet. We are still hitting 90 degrees - way to hot for pumpkin spice lattes, scarves, and boots which are all my fall favs.

  8. Your summer sounds like it was amazing. Unfortunately, in Baton Rouge, it's still summer. I can't wait until fall weather hits here, which should be in November. But at least Starbucks serves pumpkin spice lattes now.

  9. Awww man, I guess I have to wait until autumn to see you again. (sigh)

    I love you and love having so many wonderful memories with you.

  10. you had so much awesomeness go on this summer!!! :)