Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Life Through Instagram

I love Instagram. I love sharing photos, some are pretty cliche (yea I share photos of my watch, coffee, etc.) and others aren't.

I've done this before, but I thought it would be fun to share some of my most recent Instagram photos. Enjoy!

The day after a midweek 18 miler, cereal day at work was appreciated!

Team Carpe Ironman before HITS Hunter Mountain 70.3 relay

The swim start of HITS, I'm in the front somewhere

Mike checking out the buildings in Boston at night

The canal path after a 5 mile run

The bruise on my hand from getting hit/hitting someone at HITS


Holding my fur baby's paw

After today's 20 mile run!

What are you taking photos of lately?


  1. Fun!! Congrats on HITS! I've just been taking pictures of food lately - my life is pretty boring. Parent, commute, work, run, eat and repeat!

  2. Instagram is so fun! It's a great way to share tidbits (of training in our cases ;)) and keep in touch. Today was National Coffee Day, but I didn't Instagram my two cups this morning ... so did it really happen? ;)

  3. Love Instagram, too. I have days where I'm so on top of it, and then days where I hardly have a moment to check it, but it's always fun to get a glimpse of other's days. Nice work on the 20!

  4. Love it!!! Great 20 miler! You are so ready for MDI! I cannot wait to meet you!

  5. That pic of swimmers entering the water is awesome....and me anyway!

  6. Ok I will admit it I have never tried instagram. I don't get it. i can't imagine trying to do another social networking type thing or why not just use your regular camera phone. This is one of those things I don't get but people love it so feel free to share why! I think I am missing the boat on this one eeek

  7. Love this post. The pictures are fabulous!

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