Thursday, August 1, 2013

July in Pictures

I loved July. It was a great month and I am having a hard time accepting that it is over! I do experience post-race depression and after coming off of the emotional and adrenaline high of Musselman 70.3, I was in need of the next epic adventure.

Luckily, Mike and I always find ways to have fun in the triathlon scene and we volunteered, ran and biked with friends and started training for the Mount Desert Island Marathon (officially). We have some really, really, really epic things coming up in August: volunteering for a triathlon, running a relay, racing a sprint tri, seeing our friends get married and registering for our Ironman next year to name a few (three of those things happen on the same weekend, ha!)

Before we say goodbye to July and finish out the rest of summer, here's a look back at some of the epicness that was one of the best months ever.

 Mike got his bike back, and decided to still race Musselman after his crash

Mike ran a beer mile

Bernie supported his dad

We watched Sarah and Mark rock the Mini Mussel

We are Half Ironmen!

We were volunteers at the inaugural 0 SPF Trail Half Marathon

 We had lots of fun times with friends, ha!

We ran a 5K with friends, and both got PRs!

We celebrated our anniversary early

 We went on a group trail run

And we ended the month with an anniversary ride and swim where we got married

I hope you had a wonderful July!


  1. Great month. August sounds like a great one as well. Keep doing what you are doing Jamie and Mike.

  2. July was such a great month--can't believe it's over already! Here's to hoping August is just as fun!

  3. You two had quite a fun month! So many great things thrown in the mix.

  4. Im sad July is over too. I feel like August spirals back to the grind. You and Mike had so much fun. Heres to more of the same!

  5. What a great way to summarize the month!

  6. Excellent month. I love how you celebrated your anniversary!

  7. beer and dogs. what more could you want?

  8. Woohoo!! I love it! You can tell you embrace and enjoy life. :)