Sunday, August 4, 2013

Celebrating Love

Our wedding anniversary and Mike's birthday are a week apart. Since they fell during the middle of the week this year, we decided to celebrate both this weekend.

First we made two stops along the Musselman course.  I mentioned on my blog about the individual who had passed away during the Mini Mussel the day before our race, but I never said that the woman I had seen crash also passed away later in the week due to her injuries.  There had been a memorial ride for both Michael and Lanlin, but unfortunately we were unable to attend. We wanted to pay our respects to both of our fellow triathletes.

We continued on the Musselman course, for a little while, and made a stop at one of the many wineries along Cayuga Lake: Goose Watch Winery. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed sampling a few of their wines.

One of my wine samples

The view of the lake from the winery

We continued on our way along Cayuga Lake to Ithaca for some late lunch at Ithaca Bakery (no photos). We enjoyed two of their sandwiches, they have a HUGE menu! After lunch we drove back toward Taughannock Falls, we had never stopped there before, and did some hiking and sightseeing.

 View from the overlook

At the bottom of the falls


We "hiked" 2.4 miles, it was more of a walk rather than a hike but it was still a lot of fun. 

Mike always makes me look short in photos


After hiking we made one more stop at the Cayuga Lake Creamery for some ice cream. It was yummy and a great end to a wonderful day!

We also had a tag-along on our trip yesterday. When we went to packet pickup for Musselman we were given stuffed mussels, also known as Mussel Baby. The race director wants people to send him photos of where our mussels have been, so we thought that Taughannock Falls would be a great place for Mussel Baby's first adventure!

Mussel Baby at Taughannock Falls

He will be coming with us to Vermont when we run the 100 on 100 Heart of Vermont relay in a few weeks and Maine when we run the MDI Marathon!


  1. it's terrible to know/see/be a part of a race when someone passes. I ran a half marathon a few years ago and a runner was down but there were people helping him so i just ran by. he later died at the hospital. he ran boston a bunch of times, involved in the local running scene. i felt terrible and thought of him often. his family held a race in his honor a few months later and they had all his favorite foods, played his favorite music, etc and it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders by attending.

  2. It is terrible that both athletes passed away - but it was lovely tribute. I love your pics and you two are so cute!

  3. I am sad that you were in Ithaca and that I weren't. You guys are the cutest couple ever!

  4. I've seen these ghost bikes all over the place. It's a powerful reminder.

  5. Very touching tribute on your part. I heard both triathletes passed away, but this is the first I've seen and heard of the memorials. On a brighter note, I'm glad you and Mike had a great weekend! I haven't been to a Finger Lakes winery since last year, which is clearly way too long of a hiatus. ;)

  6. Seeing those white bikes is absolutely chilling. How sad.
    The Caveman is an alum of Ithaca College and I hear about Lake Cayuga all the time. I need to get up there for a visit!

  7. I am so sad to hear about both of them passing away, but I am proud of you for honoring them. Those waterfall pictures are gorgeous

  8. Those memorials are so touching. I cannot even imagine how their family and friends must be feeling.

    You live in such a beautiful area - are you near Ithaca? I was actually there a few summers ago for a wedding and I couldn't get over how pretty it was!

    1. We're in Rochester, so about 1 hour and 45 minutes away from Ithaca :)

  9. Uggghhh, just stop it! You two are toooo cute!

  10. I get chills every time I see those memorials. My heart goes out to their families and friends.

    On a much more positive note, it looks like the two of you had a fun weekend. I love touring wineries because it's nice to sample different things and find a favorite that both Allan and I enjoy.