Wednesday, August 7, 2013

27 Things About Mike

Today is a special day, it is Mike's birthday! In honor of his 27th birthday, here are 27 things about him, all of which make him who he is and are why I love him!

He is a wonderful dad to our fur babies.

 Bernie agrees!

He puts up with my crazy antics, and doesn't get too annoyed with me when I am grumpy.

He is smart and is doing what he loves as an Electrical Engineer.

On his graduation day

He "gives up" red meat just for me and puts up with turkey and chicken. Though, when we go out to eat he gets his fix!

He is strong, determined and capable.

He rarely gets mad, he prefers to laugh!

He loves the triathlon life just as much as I do!

Thumbs up for triathlons!

He still trains with me, even though he is a faster runner and cyclist than me.

He loves adventures and going to see lighthouses!

 Visiting lighthouses last summer

He likes my car dancing.

He will watch "girly" shows and movies with me, within reason.

He puts up with my crazy love of animals.

He believes in me and pushes me to be better, because he knows that I can be.

A prediction of the future, maybe?

He is a wonderful friend.

Love our friends!

He agrees to do almost any race that I want, even if it is an overnight relay, pacing a friend during a monsoon blizzard or racing two times in one day.

Pacing Crystal to her marathon glory

He always mows the lawn, cleans the cats' litter box and makes dinner, so I don't have to.

He loves sports.

At a Yankee game

He fights through adversity and doesn't let it get him down.

Redemption marathon!

He is kind and caring, but he doesn't let people take advantage of him.

He wants to be an Ironman just as much as I do!

He stands up for what he believes in.

He loves Grumpy Cat!

Oh Grumpy

He indulges my introvert tendencies, even though he is more of an extrovert.

He balances out my Type A personality and has a "go with the flow" attitude most of the time.

He always waits at the finish line of a race so that he can cheer me on. 

He doesn't give up!

A bike crash couldn't stop him!

He is the best husband and training partner I could ask for!


Happy birthday, Mike!


  1. giggled at just about every single one!! and the ones that werent as giggle-able i nodded my head in agreement! haha we really do know eachother better than anyone else and are the perfect match. LOVE YOU!!

  2. Awwwwww. Mike sure is a keeper. :) I will add: Mike is a boss at putting stickers on cars. Mikes bladder always has great start lines. Mike is one of the few people we have met that Joe instantly talked and joked around with. Mike had beautiful, small man calves. Hahaha. (Okay, mine are just monstah' ones.) Mike thinks I'm funny....most the time. I could keep going....

  3. Happy birthday, Mike! He sounds like a keeper to me. :)

  4. Happy Birthday to Mike! What a sweet post Jamie! He sounds like a wonderful guy and I'm sure you feel blessed to have him in your life.

  5. love mike's comment :) happy birthday to him! you two are such an inspiration!

  6. Very sweet. You two are just too cute. I didn't realize he was an EE. I'm a civil. :) Happy birthday, Mike! Mine is in just a few days, but I was becoming a teenager the year you were born.