Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Musselman Triathlon Recap - Bike Leg

Did you miss the swim leg? Check it out, here

After getting out of the water, I quickly got my stuff together and ran out the bike exit. I got to the mount line and got on my bike. I had some issues getting my left foot clipped in, I was riding without being clipped in anyway, but then I eventually got settled in.

The bike course takes you out of Seneca Lake State Park and onto the roads of Geneva, and elsewhere. It is very country with a lot of rolling hills and some pretty sweet flat/downhill areas. There is only one really tough hill on the course and I had all of this information since I had already ridden the course once prior to race day.

Around the same time, Mike was mounting his bike

 Off he goes!

The first 14 miles or so travel along route 96A, there are a bunch of rolling hills in this section and I was taking it relatively easy at this point. I saw a fellow RATs member say hi to me on the bike, he was in the second wave, and then Mike passed by me immediately after him. This was around 1-2 miles in. Mike made a joke about how three is company, ha, and I told him to not draft anyone and then he was on his way.

I tried to keep up a good pace, but not go out too fast, and a lot of people who I had passed on the swim started to pass me. During this time an official race vehicle (motorcycle) went by and a fellow participant said, "today isn't the day to draft". They were out in full force!

About an hour in, I was around 14 miles at this point, I took my second set of nutrition (I took some about 5 miles in since I needed to refuel after the swim). Then I made one of the first major turns and we were on a less traveled road.

The next section along route 414 North is pretty sweet. It was one of my favorite parts of the training ride and Sunday was no different. I started to pick it up, I hit over 20 mph at one point, and saw a few people on the side of the road fixing flats. I also saw a lot of Amish horse and buggies.

Around 24 miles we made a right hand turn and there was an aid station immediately on the road. When I got there a few volunteers were waving us to stay far to the left and I was really confused why they had us go through such a tight space, and then I saw her.

A fellow racer had crashed at the aid station and she was on the ground as I rode by her. I hoped she would be alright, and that was one time during the ride I worried about Mike slightly, and continued on my way. We later found out she is in guarded condition.

 I thought about this guy a lot out there

This section of the ride was a little rough and my aero bottle was banging around. Soon we were on smooth road and another biker mentioned something about this. We made a turn onto a country road, another sweet part of the course, and I took in the views of Cayuga Lake.

Right before we turned onto route 89, we had to slow down because it was such a hard right after a downhill. I (and the others around me) made the turn just fine and continued on. I was approaching two hours and I took in some more nutrition. I had also refilled my aero bottle a few times at this point.

I got into the little ring right before the turn at mile 33 and made my way up the worst part of the course. The hill was a little rough but I passed a few people on my way up and my friend, Solveig, passed by me. I said her name and we acknowledged each other.

I definitely slowed down at this point but I knew I would have a few more opportunities to pick up the pace. I made a few more turns and then clocked one of my fastest miles of the day: 23mph! All throughout the bike leg I was getting compliments on my bike and at one point another rider said, "I love the green and pink combo, very preppy!"

Eventually we made a weird turn and headed down a road toward Sampson State Park (and by one of the penitentiaries on the course). I knew that there was a little, but deceiving, hill at the bottom and I made sure to be in a lower gear and then entered the park. The gates are usually closed but for race day they open them up for us. At this point I saw another race vehicle go by and made sure I wasn't drafting. My aero bottle was rattling a lot at this point and I saw that the splash guard was about to fall off the straw and I stuffed it into my tri top's pocket.

I'm sure this was around the time Mike was finishing up his leg

A little sideways from trying to read Amber and Greg's sign

I was starting to run out of water at this point, but I had some water with nuun in it and drank that. I should have taken a bottle at one of the aid stations but I didn't, I did do a good job with nutrition though. There was one point through the park that my stomach started to bother me (and I also threw up a little in my mouth) and I worried about the run coming up. I was also getting hot and wanted to be back to transition.

 I had to remember this out there

Finally, we left the park and made our way along East Lake Road. I was able to pick up the pace again and knew I was going to be slightly over my goal time (3:30). Then I made one of the last turns back toward Geneva.

I turned into the park (going out and in we had to ride over a tarp type thing so we had to take it slow) and I made my way back to transition. I saw Amber and Greg on the sidelines, with another funny sign, and pedaled on my way.

This made me smile

 Pedaling away, in the pink shorts

I got to the dismount line and ran my way into the transition area. A volunteer said I looked good and I just focused on getting to my spot. It took me a little while to get there and I grabbed my stuff: running socks, shoes, SPIbelt with my number, handheld and energy gels. I also changed the mode on my watch and I ran out of there. I didn't even look to see if Mike's bike was there, but I figured it was.

I ran out of transition and all that was left was a half marathon.

Bike Leg (56 Miles) - Jamie: 3:43:18 (15.1mph), Mike: 2:58:23 (18.9 mph)
Transition 2 - Jamie: 3:02, Mike: 3:16


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