Monday, July 15, 2013

Leading Up to the Big Day

We had an AMAZING weekend! For those of you that don't like multi-part recaps, this is going to be rough for you. There's too much to tell in one or two posts so it's going to be a four-part series.

First up, everything we did the day before our first 70.3!

Our good friends, Sarah and Mark, signed up to race the Mini-Mussel (sprint) triathlon which took place the day before our race.  Mike and I decided that we wanted to go spectate so we woke up early and dropped Bernie off at boarding before making the drive to Geneva. Our friends Amber and Greg were there as well and we all found Sarah and Mark before the start of the race.

Looking good!

We made sure to try to see them both numerous times throughout the race, and they were all smiles the entire time. 

Sarah walking out to the swim start

A third of the way there

It was fun to watch everyone racing and it definitely got us pumped up for our race. 

Mark heading out for the run

Sarah finishing up her bike leg

Amber and Greg had their kids with them, and they were so cute! They were offering up high fives to the triathletes, including Sarah and Mark. 

So close to the finish!

Loving the spectator love

After Sarah and Mark finished the race, we all parted ways and Mike and I went to get some subs at Wegmans before picking up our race packets. 

Musselman love from Wegmans!

Packet pickup went smoothly. We got our bibs, weighed in (we had to in case of emergency so medical personnel knew how much we weighed before the race) and got lots of swag: energy gels, chews, t-shirts, stuffed baby mussels (i.e. musselbaby) and stickers for our cars. 

After packet pickup we went to the pre-race briefing. The presentation was funny and had some helpful information, everyone seemed shocked about the drafting rule (more so about how far behind someone you have to be before it is considered being in the draft zone). We headed out of there feeling prepared and ready for the race.

We made one more final stop before checking into our hotel: the Wall of Mussel. The Wall of Mussel is a mural that has paintings done by Jef Mallett. The participants of the races are able to add their signatures to the wall.

Swim, Bike, Run

Adding our names to the wall

While we were at the wall we ran into some other participants that we knew and chatted about the following day. 


With our names!

Then it was time to check into the hotel and relax for a little bit before going to dinner. We also had to get our bike numbers on so that we could rack them that night between 7-9pm.  Our new friend musselbaby was ready to ride! We need to take musselbaby places and submit our photos to the race director. 

Musselbaby is ready to rock

Mike and I went to dinner at the same restaurant we have gone to for Keuka Lake Triathlon the past two years, it is really good! We carb-loaded and then killed some time walking to one of the locks nearby, and saw a boat going through the lock, before going to transition to rack our bikes.

Some motivation at our transition areas

When we got to the transition area we were welcomed by some motivation. Apparently when we registered we were asked why we do this and I put, "I love to achieve my goals" and Mike put, "I want to". We had a good laugh about Mike's reason!

We racked our bikes and bid farewell to them for the night. 

All set to go!

After stopping for some more water and frostys from Wendy's, we relaxed in the hotel for the rest of the night. We both took showers that night, we like to "sleep in" as much as possible, and set the alarm for 4:50am.

Right around 10pm, we were in bed and getting one more night's sleep before our first 70.3!

Stay tuned for how race day went!


  1. Nice first report. Looking forward the the other 3.

  2. ok, i cannot get over how adorable amber & greg's kids are!! they made my day with their high fives!!! thanks for the recap - and for your support, dear friends!!

  3. Looks like the perfect weekend- so cool you could add your name to the wall, too!

  4. I love the idea of the wall! That's so amazing. Can't wait to read all of the re-caps!

  5. Yay Sarah & Mark!! :) Can't wait to read all about your big day!

  6. Great when you get to spectate friends and get pumped for your own race! Anxious for future installments.

  7. Can't wait to read about it.
    So glad you both did it!

  8. Ahhh, my old stomping grounds--and WEGMANS!! You're *killing* me, friend! ;)

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